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Recognized the best solution for joining financial, contractual, licensing, and inventory functions to support the IT environment.

Aspera SmartTrack 4 - Aspera Technologies Inc.

Aspera's SmartTrack SAM technology enables faster, simpler license management for accurate compliance and significant cost savings. As the cornerstone of Aspera's strategic approach to license optimization, SmartTrack is built as a single system that covers all license types and software vendors. It's a completely scalable solution that is designed for the needs of large organizations and complex IT landscapes.

SmartTrack automatically gathers data and calculates complex metrics for all devices: server, client, mobile, and cloud. The platform tracks and consolidates all of your license data - such as purchase details, costs, organizational assignment and maintenance status - while filtering out the unrelated data. SmartTrack ships with connectors to all relevant inventory and management systems, including scanning, discovery, CMDBs, IT asset, MDM, VMM, electronic shopping carts, ESD, and ERP solutions.

SmartTrack gives you complete visibility of the license lifecycle, comparing your company's software usage to their software demand. Its proprietary metric calculations ensure that you're not over-licensed or under-licensed, and that you are paying for exactly the software you need now. One-click customizable reports help you reveal high-risk compliance gaps, forecast for future software spending, and enter contract negotiations with a strong informed position.

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    FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises - Flexera Software

    FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises is used by hundreds of organizations to gain control of software licensing, reduce risk, and optimize spend across the enterprise. It is a next generation hardware and software asset management, contract management and Software License Optimization solution that automates purchased versus installed license reconciliation, applies license entitlements to minimize license consumption and allows organizations to reduce software audit cost and risk by maintaining continuous license compliance.

    Products in the Suite allow organizations to efficiently manage concurrent license servers, reduce denials of service and maximize application utilization. Unprecedented insight into software usage and usage trends allows organizations to optimize license types and better forecast future software needs. Included in the suite are specialized optimization solutions for high-spend software vendors including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Symantec, VMware and engineering applications publishers. FlexNet Manager for Cloud Infrastructure is a new addition to the suite, and provides comprehensive, accurate, and actionable insight into cloud infrastructure usage to optimize use and spend on these cloud services.

    FlexNet Manager Suite is integrated with App Portal, our enterprise app store that automates the software request, approval and delivery process. The products also automate software license reclamation and reuse.

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    Samanage - Samanage

    Providing an enormous advantage to IT departments, Samanage oversees the entire asset lifecycle, from the day it's provisioned until the day it’s disposed. By tracking the asset configuration, operating system and software, physical location, owner/user, as well as monitoring changes to the device, Samanage Asset Management provides an unprecedented level of visibility that goes far beyond the asset itself.

    Deployed by a technician instantly across an organization through Active Directory using Group Policy or Domain Login Scripts, the Samanage Asset Management agent is installed on any device with an operating system. The agent then reports back daily to Samanage with more than 200 data points of interest.

    Samanage goes far beyond physically tracking assets. Users can input contract information, such as subscription services, hosting agreements, software licenses or hardware maintenance, and attach it to the asset itself. With this information, users set reminders with notifications based on contract renewal and expiration dates, allowing organizations to maintain device support in a timely manner so there are no financial surprises. Samanage integrates with the most popular computer hardware vendors and automatically pulls warranty information based on a machine’s serial number.

    Samanage meets the requirements of different company structures, and provides data insights into processes and performance of devices within an organization.

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