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HEAT Service Management 2015.2 - Finn Partners

In today’s fast-paced IT environment, the pressure to keep organizations productive and efficient is more important than ever. To address this, HEAT Software, the leading provider of Hybrid Service Management and Unified Endpoint Management software, released HEAT Service Management 2015.2. An update to the company’s flagship solution, HEAT Service Management 2015.2 supports both on-premise and cloud applications, providing customers with unparalleled flexibility as their business needs evolve over time. The updated solution offers significant application enhancements to increase user and IT staff productivity & usability, lower integration & management costs, while enhancing security. Benefits include: • Better control and productivity for IT administrators with new capabilities such as automated dependency mapping, mass change feature as well as improved workflow and service catalog design • Upgraded self service capability provides enhanced usability for the end user through a new mobile interface and knowledge management extensions • Improved integration framework makes it easier and more efficient to make timely business decisions by providing out of the box connectors such as, along with extensions for web services scripting and dynamic integration with external data sources • Better secure the enterprise and critical IT assets from unauthorized hacking attempts with additional security controls for hard and soft locking and generalized login failure

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    Nintex Workflow Automation Platform - Nintex

    Nintex enables IT professionals and business analysts to more easily create and manage simple to sophisticated business processes from the back-office to front-office. From automating workflows and forms, to document generation, the Nintex Workflow platform leverages the world’s largest technology ecosystems including Office 365, Salesforce, SharePoint, and other enterprise services platforms. With the support and integration of Nintex’s platform within these systems, companies are able to drive greater productivity across departments and mobile devices, while enhancing end-user satisfaction with an easier, more efficient way to get work done. Examples of the types of business processes that organizations can easily streamline with the Nintex platform include employee and customer onboarding, leave requests, content approvals, and IT help desk requests, among many others.

    The success of this technology has resulted in Nintex serving more than 6,000 customers in more than 90 countries through its growing global network of more than 1,500 partners.

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    Numerify - Numerify

    Numerify is a cloud-based analytics application provider focused on giving IT managers a 3600 view of their business. Numerify provides both operational and financial insights for organizations to optimize their IT service investments and drive higher levels of customer service and innovation. Anchored on ServiceNow™ and powered by a patent-pending, analytic platform, Numerify integrates data from multiple IT systems as well as adjacent sources such as HR, call center and financial systems. On top of this rich data repository, the application provides several pre-built, role-based dashboards and a full library of hundreds of industry-standard metrics. With a range of analytic capabilities, IT leaders can get visibility into the organization, make business-critical decisions based on data and measure IT performance to drive continuous improvements. Numerify’s flagship IT Service Analytics application covers all major service processes from incident and request management to outages and changes. IT Service and Business Service managers alike can use pre-built dashboards and visual data exploration to answer a range of questions that help to increase service desk effectiveness. Numerify’s pre-built application is deployed within weeks, instead of the sophisticated data analytical skills, millions of dollars, months and even years that is typical with large BI applications deployments. Since launch, dozens of customers currently realize the benefits of Numerify.

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