Best Financial & Market Data Solution

Recognizes the Best Financial & Market Data Solution designed for professionals in the financial and capital markets industries. Nominees may submit solutions that provide financial, market data and related information for market practitioners. Includes real-time data services, reference data solutions, or historical data, financial news services, market analysis & research, credit services, capital markets, commodities & energy, foreign exchange, fixed income and/or merger and acquisition information.

Barchart OnDemand - Barchart

Barchart OnDemand is a cloud-based service developed for accessing and delivering market data and information through a variety of web services APIs, such as getQuote and getHistory. Barchart OnDemand's main clients include trading and investment firms, software and app developers, FinTech start-ups, and digital media providers. Run on Amazon Web Services infrastructure, Barchart OnDemand allows clients to easily access an extensive amount of market data and information that can be integrated into front, middle and back-office software applications, in addition to websites and mobile apps. Barchart OnDemand is platform independent and offers direct access to financial exchanges which ensures high quality market data and low latency. The service, which provides unlimited scalability within the cloud, is built on Barchart's industry-leading technology that provides reliable and accurate data. Barchart OnDemand's emphasis is on developing strong client relationships and providing superior customer service. With our extensive experience, diverse client base and enterprise-class service, we know market data and fully understand our client's needs.

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    Financial Instrument Global Identifier - Bloomberg L.P. (Open Symbology)

    The only global, unique, non-changing, truly open source financial instrument identifier. Adopted as a global standard by the Object Management Group. OMG owns the copyright to FIGI and Bloomberg is the official Registration Authority and Certified Provider of the standard. FIGI and its associated metadata is offered to the industry as a public good, under the MIT Open Source license, with no fees (including no cost recovery) or restrictions on use, in perpetuity. FIGI is designed with the latest data science concepts, validated by Doctorates in Ontology and structured for the current and future needs of the financial industry.

    Proprietary, nonstandard and prolific symbology now stands as one of the most significant barriers to increased efficiency and innovation in an industry that sorely needs it.

    FIGI gives any firm, individual, or regulator a powerful tool in managing their data for financial instruments; from seamlessly translating between multiple proprietary and disparate identifiers, to providing a metadata driven identification methodology most suited for today's complex data management, quality and governance needs.

    Finally, all of this is done as a public good to the industry. As such, the standard removes one of the major impediments to global transparency; the ability to freely and uniquely identify any financial instrument in the same way, regardless of firm, jurisdiction, vendor, data source or pricing source.

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    PitchBook Platform - PitchBook Data, Inc.

    The PitchBook Platform is the information software powering the decisions of leading investment and business professionals active in the global M&A, PE and VC industries. The platform is home to hard-to-find details about M&A, PE and VC financing events, along with powerful insights about the companies, investors, funds, LPs, and service providers involved in every transaction.

    PitchBook gathers and maintains their data using a rigorous research process, which unites the power of hundreds of brilliant research professionals with proprietary technology, and an intensive primary research and QA process that involves direct feedback and verification. This process is run and repeated every day—resulting in the most accurate, up-to-date information on the global M&A, PE and VC markets.

    PitchBook’s founder and CEO, John Gabbert, operates under the philosophy that great data is only useful if it’s easy to access, understand and turn into actionable insight. For the past eight years, Gabbert and his team have built, rebuilt and fine-tuned the platform to make the task of searching, analyzing and understanding their massive (and growing) dataset—faster and easier than ever.

    To accommodate today’s speed of business, PitchBook also offers a variety of workflow integrations and software plugins—including CRM, Excel and other industry standard tools. For professionals on the go, the PitchBook mobile app brings all of the data from the platform to iOS, Android and Windows devices.

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    Thomson Reuters Valuation Navigator - Thomson Reuters

    Thomson Reuters Valuation Navigator makes market and position data more transparent for valuation and risk processes by reducing errors and enhancing insight for the entire enterprise. Using high performance search technology and pre-built modules, middle- and back-office teams can rapidly iterate and customize their analyses and workflows. By consolidating and reformatting data from multiple vendors, users can integrate these various feeds directly into a single internal system. Enhanced insight can be gained through the comparison of data from varying sources side by side and access to market-observable inputs and source data that shows the pricing recipe and supports evaluated pricing.

    Unlike traditional spreadsheet-based solutions, which are time-consuming to set up and costly to manually maintain, Valuation Navigator allows for fast and easy search across large data sets. The solution automates manual data wrangling activities and provides rigorous version control for audit processes – leaving more time for analysis, insight, and risk mitigation.

    For example, the process of calculating daily net asset value (NAV) across a diverse portfolio quickly and error-free, whilst also retaining the historic valuation information needed for audit and compliance purposes, is quite complex. However, Thomson Reuters Valuation Navigator includes customized modules that integrate feeds to simplify this task.

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