Best Reading/English/Language Arts Instructional Solution

Recognizes the best instructional solution for language arts, reading, and composition curricula and content for students in the PK-12 or postsecondary market. Includes solutions for learners at all levels, through managed classroom/course-based instruction or online supplemental instruction. Provides for deep and personalized learning experiences for students, supports standards alignment and reflects current curriculum practice.

Achieve3000 PRO - Achieve3000

Achieve3000’s family of Pro literacy solutions (KidBizPro™ for grades 2-5, TeenBizPro™ for grades 6-8, and EmpowerPro™ for grades 9-12) empowers all students to succeed in mixed-ability classrooms. By differentiating the same grade-appropriate content, at 12 reading levels in English and 7 in Spanish, and providing robust scaffolds for struggling students and English language learners, Pro extends teachers’ reach without increasing workloads or time demands. The proprietary adaptive content system continually monitors each student’s reading performance and automatically increases the level of text complexity when it detects that an individual is ready for more challenge, steadily moving students up level by level. In fact, this methodology has been proven to accelerate student learning, doubling or even tripling expected reading gains when used as little as twice a week. With more than 10,000 nonfiction articles and a focus on science and social studies, Pro also teaches students the disciplinary knowledge and academic vocabulary they need to succeed across the entire curriculum. Lessons give students access to content-area instruction by providing a high-interest article on a contemporary topic and a “Dig Deeper” background text to unlock understanding, all written at a student’s individual Lexile® reading level. Students then “stretch” their skills by reading a version of the same article written to build the stamina/strength required for college and career readiness.

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    MakerSpace for the Humanities - Awesome Stories

    MakerSpace for the Humanities is the first integrated solution for teacher-and-student work in humanities research, thinking, writing and citing.

    Student and teacher authors create multimedia stories complete with beautiful images, videos and reliable citations ready for publication around the world.

    This research, writing, citing and publishing lab gives students and teachers what they need to build evidence-based multimedia writing-- from primary-source enriched rich fiction stories to articles, papers, lessons, units, even full story-driven semester courses.

    AwesomeStories Archive, AwesomeStories premium applications and linkages to over 100 other world-renowned archives work together through the "StoryMaker" app to deliver this knowledge-construction environment.

    The AwesomeStories Archive includes over 4000 topical stories and 100,000 primary sources including images, videos, audios and original documents.

    MakerSpace for the Humanities also includes a full online classroom setup, assignment creation and delivery app, grading, reporting, classroom sharing and optional publishing to the AwesomeStories website.

    From student stories on interesting aspects of their home states and countries to teacher state history courses, AwesomeStories supports global learning. With over 7 million page views a year, is an excellent place to share ideas with teachers and learners around the world. Over 30% of AwesomeStories traffic comes from outside the U.S.

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    MindTap English Handbook - Cengage Learning

    Mobile, flexible, and affordable, MindTap English Handbook provides students and instructors all the tools they need to navigate and manage the challenging demands of today's college composition courses. A value-priced, all-in-one digital solution, MindTap English Handbook includes reliable, searchable composition instruction. The outcome driven learning path includes answers to students' most frequently asked questions about writing, while allowing for instructor customization and personalization options for the student. To improve outcomes through increased retention, MindTap English Handbook features a robust set of auto-graded self-assessment tools to guide students through the writing process. Access to millions of scholarly books, academic journals, articles and newspapers is a click away via Cengage Learning's unique resource, the Questia database. Students learn to properly organize and cite these resources with the program's easy to use bibliography building and citation generation tools. Designed with a laser-sharp focus on the end-user, the student, MindTap English Handbook includes a mobile app option as well. This innovative, user-centered resource offers students access to the information and tools they need in a way that adapts to their lifestyle, connecting the world students live in with the world they compose in. Recent efficacy studies show that students using MindTap achieved significantly higher grades across a number of disciplines. With the MindTap Mobile App, these benefits carry over to the mobile user and make learning possible anytime, anywhere.

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    SpringBoard Digital - College Board (SpringBoard), The

    Many digital curricula lack collaborative, open workspaces that encourage skills and practices required by the Common Core. SpringBoard Digital is different. SpringBoard Digital helps students and teachers interact closely, building teamwork and 21st Century skills. SpringBoard Digital is a comprehensive College and Career Readiness English Language Arts and Mathematics curriculum available 24/7 on any device. New resources for 2016 include a robust Teacher Assessment Builder powered by the Learnosity assessment engine including tech enhanced item types and a curated collection of Khan Academy instructional videos correlated to learning targets and objectives. SpringBoard Digital for math has new virtual tools and manipulatives including GeoGebra Dynamic Software and a Graphing Calculator powered by Desmos. SpringBoard Digital ELA includes Turnitin’s Revision Assistant -the only digital tool to provide immediate, constructive feedback on the content of student writing. Teachers can personalize instruction; pinpoint standards; grade, track, and report student progress; and share with other teachers in the online SpringBoard Learning Community. Editable lesson plans, pacing calendars, ancillary resources, and support videos allow differentiation. Students and teachers can add sticky notes, annotations, highlights or mark-ups. Students and teachers connect through a student’s personal workspace where teachers can respond, motivate, and monitor student work groups.

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    Headsprout - Learning A-Z

    Headsprout is a research-proven kids' reading program that takes students on a digital journey to become better readers. With a cast of captivating characters to help them along the way, students complete interactive online episodes that continually teach the critical foundational reading skills and comprehension strategies students need to excel in the classroom and beyond. The program's instruction is designed to adapt to each student's specific needs and learning pace, and has received favorable independent reviews for its effectiveness in a variety of classroom environments.

    With Headsprout, you can:

    • Provide individualized learning with online instruction presented in two sequential instruction packages customized to meet each student's specific needs
    • Continually develop students' reading skills with built-in instructional sequencing
    • Ensure retention of reading skills with embedded smart error correction
    •Develop the reading skills and comprehension strategies students need to succeed on summative ELA assessments.
    •Adapts to a student's responses with positive feedback

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    Readorium (Readorium Rising Reader, Grades 3-5) (Readorium Scholar, Grades 6-8) - Readorium by Mtelegence

    We know that too many U.S. students struggle with understanding nonfiction text. We also know that "watering down" content for students who have difficulty comprehending complex material widens the gap and is a great disservice to these students. Readorium's mission is to help all students become purposeful readers who are passionate about science. Readorium's supplemental online programs teach 3rd-8th grade students the transferable strategies and word-learning skills needed to comprehend all nonfiction using topical NGSS-based chapter books. Each book's online "mentor" demonstrates the skills needed to construct deep meaning from text, and provides individual support as needed. All text is written at 10-12 readability levels with the same information, paragraph structure, and academic vocabulary. The reason all students can understand the same content is because the text's readability levels and the guidance they receive from mentors automatically adjust to students as they proceed. Readorium's highly motivating format contains humorous strategy raps, animations, videos, and challenges. Students earn rewards by internalizing strategies and reading closely, so they can answer questions correctly without hints. They use rewards to purchase learning games and special interest articles. Students compete to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Teachers receive real-time reports on student progress and downloadable resources to target classroom instruction effectively.

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    CODiE Winner

    ThinkCERCA - ThinkCERCA

    ThinkCERCA's personalized literacy platform helps teachers grow students’ critical thinking skills through argumentative writing and close reading. Our approach to rigorous literacy instruction—based on decades of research from the University of Chicago—teaches students how to evaluate and synthesize information and express their thoughts clearly. ThinkCERCA’s differentiated, standards-aligned lessons for grades 4-12 are rooted in the CERCA Framework, a shared language for teaching literacy across the curriculum. Here’s how it works: Every ThinkCERCA lesson revolves around a relevant, debatable topic to keep students engaged. Students build up their background knowledge and close reading skills by reading an authentic, leveled text, summarizing what they learned, and highlighting and annotating key passages from the text. Next, students walk through the process of making a cohesive argument using our graphic organizer, which asks them to make a Claim, support it with Evidence, explain their Reasoning, address Counterarguments, and consider their Audience. Finally, students bring everything together in a final written argument or classroom discussion. And schools that use ThinkCERCA are seeing positive results. For example, students from MS 88 in Brooklyn who piloted the product last year outperformed the national annual growth average on the Degrees of Reading Power by 10 percent.

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    LANGUAGE! Live - Voyager Sopris Learning

    LANGUAGE! Live is a comprehensive English language arts curriculum for struggling adolescent readers and writers. It supports learners in meeting and exceeding grade-level literacy expectations by blending the best of online instruction with the imperative aspects of teacher-directed instruction to empower struggling learners and close the reading and writing gap. LANGUAGE! Live is proven effective with a wide range of student populations, providing accelerated learning; intensive instruction in foundational skills; and exposure to grade-equivalent standards, text, and vocabulary to move students to reading independence.

    LANGUAGE! Live provides comprehensive literacy instruction—ensuring students are able to fill in gaps and excel across all strands. Self-paced, online Instruction solidifies foundational literacy skills in a private, personal learning environment. Strands taught online include consonants/vowels, fluency, morphology, Greek and Latin roots, and encoding/deciding. Online instruction comprises interactive lessons; nearly 600 videos featuring peer tutors and expert coaches; social learning tools that support 1:1 interaction; and motivating features, such as personalized avatars. Small-group, teacher-led instruction guides students in grade-level writing and close reading. These engaging lessons offer relevant content and instruction in vocabulary/morphology; grammar/syntax/usage; reading comprehension/content knowledge; and speaking/writing.

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    Waggle - Waggle

    Waggle is smart, responsive practice that provides the right challenge, at just the right moment. Teachers discover exactly how each student struggles or excels. Students get help where and when they need it most.

    Math and ELA
    Grades: 2-8

    There are three key Waggle elements:

    1) Right Challenge, Right Time: Waggle looks for more than correct answers. Waggle continually analyzes each student's decisions and progress. That way, students get tougher practice material right when they're ready for it.

    2) Productive Struggle: Waggle motivates students to push themselves forward. How? Through helpful hints, supportive feedback, and achievement badges that build grit and confidence.

    3) Real-Time Practical Insights: Waggle instantly tells you how well students are learning and alerts you to new insights dynamically sorted into groups by skill or student. When learning becomes more personalized, instructional conversations improve.

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