Best Social Sciences or Social Studies Instructional Solution

Recognizes the best instructional solution for social sciences / social studies curricula and content for students in the PK-12 or postsecondary markets. Includes managed classroom/course-based instruction, online supplemental instruction for individuals. Provides for deep and personalized learning experiences for students, supports standards alignment, and reflects current curriculum practice.

MakerSpace for the Humanities - Awesome Stories

MakerSpace for the Humanities is the first integrated solution for teacher-and-student work in humanities research, thinking, writing and citing.

Student and teacher authors create multimedia stories complete with beautiful images, videos and reliable citations ready for publication around the world.

This research, writing, citing and publishing lab gives students and teachers what they need to build evidence-based multimedia writing-- from primary-source enriched rich fiction stories to articles, papers, lessons, units, even full story-driven semester courses.

AwesomeStories Archive, AwesomeStories premium applications and linkages to over 100 other world-renowned archives work together through the "StoryMaker" app to deliver this knowledge-construction environment.

The AwesomeStories Archive includes over 4000 topical stories and 100,000 primary sources including images, videos, audios and original documents.

MakerSpace for the Humanities also includes a full online classroom setup, assignment creation and delivery app, grading, reporting, classroom sharing and optional publishing to the AwesomeStories website.

From student stories on interesting aspects of their home states and countries to teacher state history courses, AwesomeStories supports global learning. With over 7 million page views a year, is an excellent place to share ideas with teachers and learners around the world. Over 30% of AwesomeStories traffic comes from outside the U.S.

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    FlipSwitch SS 301 Civics and Government - FlipSwitch

    FlipSwitch SS 301 Civics and Government is a 100% online, dynamic, and interactive course where the modern day meets history. Students explore the development of the American Government, and realize the rights and responsibilities of its citizens. Each lesson begins with peers collaborating in a discussion board, making predictions based on thought-provoking questions. As they continue, they find engaging content such as virtual Bio Trading cards for the important figures in the course and an Amendment of the Day, where students learn the significance of each Amendment with the click of a button and eye-catching graphics. FlipSwitch produced videos and embedded primary sources in html pages to round out the powerful content.
    Concepts are also reinforced using an original, allegorical graphic novel used to emphasize the impact of revolution. Interactive elements and videos found within the novel guide students in finding connections between America’s past and present. Once students feel confident in their newly acquired expertise, they reenter the collaborative discussion board for the opportunity to reflect on their learning and compare their thoughts to their earlier predictions. Finally, students move on to the assessments, including a selected-response, computer-graded checkpoint or exam, as well as an extended response project where they apply the concepts they have learned to a real-world scenario.

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    Next Generation Social Studies - Pearson

    Welcome to the next generation of social studies! Pearson is excited to announce Social Studies Reimagined, a new approach to social studies curriculum that was created in collaboration with educators, social studies experts, and students. The reimagined classroom bridges time-tested best practices, expectations, and technology that will prepare students to be college and career ready. This exciting new approach includes: • Higher-level content that gives students the support to access complex text, acquire core content knowledge, and tackle rigorous questions • Essential questions and stories to increase long-term understanding and retention of learning • A focused table of contents to save teachers time and improve pacing • Digital content on Pearson Realize™ that is dynamic, flexible, and uses the power of technology to bring social studies to life • Inquiry-focused Projects, Civic Discussions, and Document Analysis activities that develop students’ content and skills mastery in preparation for real-world challenge

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    ClassFlow - Promethean

    ClassFlow, a cloud-based interactive lesson-delivery system from Promethean, helps teachers design learning experiences that get students “in the zone.” Influenced by “flow” research conducted by Professor Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, ClassFlow takes concepts that keep videogame players completely focused and engaged—such as clear tasks, feedback, balanced and attainable goals, and concentration—and applies them to the classroom.

    ClassFlow’s technology makes it easy for teachers to deliver interactive lessons, activities, and project-based learning experiences that are personalized to different groups of students or individuals, resulting in a “flow state” where students are energized, engaged, and motivated to learn. Students who maintain this state of flow during a lesson are appropriately challenged, feel motivated, and spend more time on-task.

    ClassFlow incorporates real-time feedback during lessons to help maintain student engagement. Teachers check student understanding mid-lesson with instant polling on their connected devices. Formative assessments can be built into lessons or run ad hoc. Teachers can live-monitor students’ progress on their screen so they can intervene immediately to correct misconceptions. Once completed, assessment results can be aggregated by lesson, grade, class, or student; saved for further individual review with students; and referenced to tailor future instruction.

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