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Foundational STEM instruction at the earliest learning levels has long been neglected. Science4Us was created to fill an important need, providing tools that build both science and literacy knowledge in K-2 students, encouraging them to explore and preparing them to excel.

The Science4Us program is a complete, standards-based, core science curriculum that delivers digital and real-world science experiences. The efficacy of Science4Us has been established that it provides a positive effect on students’ conceptual and procedural knowledge as well as their motivation to learn.

Science4Us has 350 online, interactive activities that teach topics from four 'books' of science: Physical Science, Inquiry, Life Science or Earth and Space Science. Within these, you'll find cross-curricular activities in math, language arts and STEM. Students also learn the importance of note taking and observing. In addition to the digital content, our program has over 1,000 offline activities that allow teachers and students to dive deeper into the concepts or they can be used to provide differentiated instruction.

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