Readorium (Readorium Rising Reader, Grades 3-5) (Readorium Scholar, Grades 6-8) - Readorium by Mtelegence

Winner In:
Best Reading/English/Language Arts Instructional Solution

We know that too many U.S. students struggle with understanding nonfiction text. We also know that "watering down" content for students who have difficulty comprehending complex material widens the gap and is a great disservice to these students. Readorium's mission is to help all students become purposeful readers who are passionate about science. Readorium's supplemental online programs teach 3rd-8th grade students the transferable strategies and word-learning skills needed to comprehend all nonfiction using topical NGSS-based chapter books. Each book's online "mentor" demonstrates the skills needed to construct deep meaning from text, and provides individual support as needed. All text is written at 10-12 readability levels with the same information, paragraph structure, and academic vocabulary. The reason all students can understand the same content is because the text's readability levels and the guidance they receive from mentors automatically adjust to students as they proceed. Readorium's highly motivating format contains humorous strategy raps, animations, videos, and challenges. Students earn rewards by internalizing strategies and reading closely, so they can answer questions correctly without hints. They use rewards to purchase learning games and special interest articles. Students compete to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Teachers receive real-time reports on student progress and downloadable resources to target classroom instruction effectively.

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