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Best Social Sciences or Social Studies Instructional Solution

FlipSwitch SS 301 Civics and Government is a 100% online, dynamic, and interactive course where the modern day meets history. Students explore the development of the American Government, and realize the rights and responsibilities of its citizens. Each lesson begins with peers collaborating in a discussion board, making predictions based on thought-provoking questions. As they continue, they find engaging content such as virtual Bio Trading cards for the important figures in the course and an Amendment of the Day, where students learn the significance of each Amendment with the click of a button and eye-catching graphics. FlipSwitch produced videos and embedded primary sources in html pages to round out the powerful content.
Concepts are also reinforced using an original, allegorical graphic novel used to emphasize the impact of revolution. Interactive elements and videos found within the novel guide students in finding connections between America’s past and present. Once students feel confident in their newly acquired expertise, they reenter the collaborative discussion board for the opportunity to reflect on their learning and compare their thoughts to their earlier predictions. Finally, students move on to the assessments, including a selected-response, computer-graded checkpoint or exam, as well as an extended response project where they apply the concepts they have learned to a real-world scenario.

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