Best Text Analytics & Semantic Technology Solution

Recognizes the best solution for text data mining and semantic analysis. The winning solution will provide the most comprehensive set of tools and services to analyze structured and unstructured content whether privately held or publicly available.

Acquire Media Taxmatic - Acquire Media

Acquire Media’s Taxmatic™ is a consolidated, multi-faceted taxonomy management tool. Available for use across the multimedia spectrum, Taxmatic provides digital publishers a single application to perform complex text analysis and semantic tasks through an easy-to-use interface. It starts with a classification of concepts appropriate for a publisher’s content. Taxmatic assembles these concepts into a proper formal structure (known as a "directed acyclic graph", but presented to the user as a set of simple trees). This applies to named entities like people, organizations, or locations, as well as thematic tags for industries and events. With these taxonomies identified, Taxmatic provides a powerful analytic framework for identifying these key concepts in the media provided. Not only does it accurately identify and tag each concept but Taxmatic can also surface the relationships between these concepts and show how they are connected, using modern graph-database structures and traversals. Taxmatic further benefits the publisher by including search and testing functions. These key modules enable publishers to evaluate in real-time the ever-changing metadata nature of their content. New concepts emerge, organizations merge, and new technologies change the way we talk about the world.. Publishers need a tool that can adapt metadata as dictated by their content for the benefit of their audience. Taxmatic is a complete metadata solution for any publisher.

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  • Anzo Smart Data Lake - Cambridge Semantics

    The Anzo Smart Data Lake is a semantics standards based set of software and tools combined with a modern, enterprise-class services oriented and event driven architecture. This platform sets the foundation for building and deploying Smart Data solutions. These solutions are tailored to specific business purposes, focus on end-user self-service, deal with any data from anywhere, and can be built and evolved quickly and flexibly. Anzo Smart Data solutions are made possible by turning data into Smart Data, by leveraging industry-defined semantic models or company-defined models to link and manage diverse data. The semantic models are graph models. They allow for the data to be linked by business concepts and allow for the metadata to travel with the data. The Anzo Smart Data Lake was built for easy integration and use of third party software modules to provide additional value-add capabilities. Cambridge Semantics has already integrated software modules from a variety of vendors and partners to allow for improved crawling, analytics, text processing, machine learning and language translation. Enterprises can use these modules to improve their analytics and data processing.

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