The Future Begins Now: Understanding Tomorrow's Customer Today | Slides | Video
Keynote: Jared Weiner, Executive Vice President & Chief Strategy Officer, Future Hunters 

The Biggest Changes in B2B In the Next Two, Five and 20 Years: An Insider-Outsider's Perspective | Slides | Video
Keynote: Rajeev Kapur, CEO, 1105 Media

Teach New Dogs Old Tricks: How proven sales training techniques inform, enhance and accelerate modern digital marketing | Slides | Video
Keynote: Matt Bailey, Digital Marketing Trainer, Speaker & Best-Selling Author, SiteLogic Marketing

Industry Insight

Increase Advertising Revenue and Personalize Experiences with Customer Data | Slides | Video
Juila Farina, Director of Marketing, Lytics

Emerging Leaders Luncheon


Audience Engagement

Using Games, Quizzes, Contests and Award Programs to Delight and Monetize Your Audience | Audio Slides

Analyze and Unearth Your Content Archives to Boost Engagement and Retention | Audio | Slides
Email: Quit your Whining, Maximize the Channel! | Audio
Beyond the Hype: What Does Success REALLY Look Like on Social Media | Audio | Slides
Brain Science in Business: Using Psychology to Increase Response | Audio | Slides | Video
The Holy Grail: Where Subscription Meets Membership | Audio | Slide 1 | Slide 2
Apps and Tools that Help You Work Smarter, not Harder | Audio | Slides

Data - presented by InfoCommerce Group

Excellence In Action | Audio | Video

  • Jonathan Fentzke, Ph.D., Chief Strategy Officer, OmniEarth, Inc | Slides
  • Katie Bullard, Chief Marketing Officer, DiscoverOrg | Slides
  • Devu Gandhi, VP, Business Development, Homelight | Slides
  • Mark Godley, Chief Revenue Officer, HG Data | Slides
  • Dr. Paul Kudlow, Founder, CEO, TrendMD | Slides

Customizing Data for Fun and Profit | Audio
Morphing the Directory Business Audio | Video
Data is Content Too Audio | Video
Growing Your Data Subscriptions Audio
Monetizing Your Audience Data Audio | Video
Everyone into the Pool Audio

Digital Advertising Sales

Tools of the Trade: How Technology Drives Ad Sales
Change the Conversation: 10 Ways to Take Your Sales to the Next Level | Audio Slides
Using Identity to Increase CPM and Add Revenue to Your Bottom Line | Audio | Slide 1 Slide 2
How to Grow Content Marketing Revenue (Without Cannibalizing Traffic or Ad Spend) | Audio
Monetization Strategies: Case Studies | Audio | Slide 1 | Slide 2 | Slide 3

Events and the Integrated Enterprise

B2B Events: New Models, New Opportunities 
Knowledge is Power: How Audience Data Can Drive Higher Attendance and Sponsorship 
Running Successful Buyer-Focused Events: All the Profit, None of the Chaff | Audio
20 Ways to Shave the Fat from Your Event Budget | Audio
Understanding the Different Business Models of Online Learning | Audio
The Integrated Sale: Selling Sponsorships Across Both Events and Media | Audio
Increasing Audience Engagement with Mobile Event Technology | Audio

Revenue-Generating Marketing

Marketing Automation Strategy 101 | Slides
Marketing Automation Case Studies | Slides
Collaborative Marketing: From Silos to Swat Teams | Slides | Audio
Leveraging CRM for Marketing: Best Practices Panel | Slides | Audio
New KPIs for Marketing | Slides | Audio
Case Study: Rebranding for Success | Slides | Audio
Voice of the Customer: How to Listen and Leverage What You Hear from Your Customers | Slides | Audio


Governance, Risk & Analytics: Your New Profit Center?
What Marketers Want in 2017
Transformative M&A | Audio
Building the New B2B Media and Information Company | Audio
Revenue is King: Understanding the Real Moneymakers in a New Marketplace | Audio
Managing the Tech and Data Frontline | Audio
Meet the Emerging Leaders | Audio

Workshop - How to Create a Super-Star Sales and Marketing Team

Ryan Dohrn, Founder/CEO, Brain Swell Media | Slides 
Jim Sinkinson, Partner, Fired Up! Marketing | Slides 

Workshop - New Product Development

Helen Hoart, President, Yikes! Media | Slides
Elizabeth Petersen, Executive Vice President, BLR | Slides