BeaconLiveBeaconLive provides a best-of-breed Event Management Platform for lead generation, marketing outreach, training, continuing education and distance learning. Our best-in-class tools assist our customers in achieving these business goals via webinars, webcasts, podcasts, video, on- demand programs and a course catalog.?We offer both self-managed and full service solutions, and our cloud-based central portal provides you full integration and control of all your virtual communication and media requirements.


Brightspot   Brightspot

Built for editors, developers and marketers, the Brightspot platform from Perfect Sense powers large-scale, dynamic consumer experiences. The Brightspot platform enables management of web content, digital assets, over-the-top video and multi-site publishing. With Brightspot, publishers continuously innovate, creating data-driven experiences, marketing strategies and new monetization models (subscriptions, advertising and events).

Computer Fulfillment   Computer Fulfillment
Computer Fulfillment is a 53-year old family owned and operated customer information management business specializing in the media and business information market sectors. MediaView is C/F's enterprise-wide, web-based, self-serve, single-silo, real-time, integrated/relational database management system. It integrates all data across all enterprise-wide channels for all brands, products and services. Its portfolio of powerful function modules enable users to transform big data into actionable intelligence and

communicate with customers as never before possible.

Drake Star Partners   DrakeStar
Drake Star Partners (formerly Redwood Capital and LD&A) is a global investment banking firm serving the technology, media and communications sectors (TMC) with offices in New York, London, Paris, Munich, Los Angeles, Berlin, Amsterdam, Geneva and Tokyo. The firm focuses on M&A advisory for media, information and tradeshow/conference clients worldwide, helping them maximize the value of
their businesses.


Building an integrated database is not as hard as you think it is … or as hard as vendors make it out to be! As a publisher, you already know the key to your long-term success resides with your audience data.  However, the depth and accuracy of your data is only as good as the tools used to manage it. iSIRC provides a powerhouse solution to manage, integrate, and monetize your audience data. Never before has a single platform delivered excellence in all areas so vital to your business. From circulation fulfillment utilizing the best validation and duplicate checking algorithms on the market, to our fully integrated database providing a single view of your audience across all of your brands, combined with our paradigm-shifting email marketing solution,
iSIRC delivers on all fronts.

JEGI has been the leading independent investment bank for the global media, information, marketing, software and tech-enabled services sectors for more than 28 years. Headquartered in New York, with offices in Boston and London (via its partnership with Clarity), JEGI has completed more than 600 high‐profile M&A transactions, serving global corporations; middle‐market and emerging companies; entrepreneurial owners and founders; and private equity and venture capital firms.

Knowledge Marketing   KM
Knowledge Marketing helps organizations monetize their vast amount of audience and customer data through an integrated online platform. KM's Data Management Platform (DMP) marries the world of online and offline data into a single unified database that drives content, advertising, audience development and event marketing strategies.  We incorporate tools for email marketing, online data collection and back office circulation management into a single integrated solution.

Koller Search Partners   KSP
Koller Search Partners is the trusted executive search partner for the digital, technology, media, information/data
and advertising industries. For 25 years, companies have turned to Koller Search for unsurpassed results and a relentless focus on speed, diligence and transparency. Koller Search delivers leaders to grow, scale and transform
your business.

Lytics    Lytics
Lytics helps enterprises automate personalized marketing experiences through the industry’s most advanced Customer Data Platform (CDP). Popular retailing, media, consumer goods, banking, and tech brands use Lytics to execute one-to-one marketing programs that their customers welcome. Lytics is headquartered in Portland, Ore.

MediaRadar   MR
MediaRadar helps websites and magazines dramatically improve ad sales and client management. Our brand analysis and prospecting tools allow sales teams to focus on closing business while allowing them to have all the insights needed to overcome objections. MediaRadar provides detailed analysis on over 2.5 million brands, with advertising and editorial insights from more than 10,000 media properties. Our data will give you a competitive edge by placing the most up-to-date analysis directly to the desktop of
every member of the sales team.

Omeda   Omeda
Omeda provides a full range of integrated database management and email marketing services. We enable marketers to integrate all data sources – digital, print, newsletters, events – into one master database featuring “one view of the customer” to facilitate a superior understanding of each customer, and better monetize data and content. Omeda’s intuitive user suite and deep engagement metrics drive highly targeted and relevant marketing campaigns, and our integrated services power enhanced behavioral 
tracking, lead generation, and dynamic content management. Our powerful web analytics service (Olytics) 
tracks website traffic for both known and unknown visitors for a holistic view of your audience.

QCSS has been dedicated to driving revenue for our clients since 1988. We focus on nurturing relationships with our clients and their customers. Our telesales staff members are intelligent, hardworking and technology driven and all work in our Chicagoland and Iowa based Smartcenters.
To learn more about QCSS Inbound and Outbound Revenue Generating Services, please call Christina Karabetsos, Executive Vice President at 888.229.7046, email her at or
visit us at 

Real Magnet
   Real Magnet
Real Magnet is a leading marketing automation platform that helps businesses attract, engage and deliver better email, marketing, social and mobile campaigns.  Real Magnet simplifies marketing automation with its intuitive design, seamless integration with leading CRMs and dedicated consultative team that ensures smarter engagement.

Thought Industries   Thought Industries
Thought Industries  is powering the business of learning with its comprehensive suite of enterprise-level learning delivery and monetization tools. A customizable white-label platform enables businesses and organizations to deliver engaging and fully-branded learning experiences to their B2B and B2C audiences. From creating online courses to managing an online learning business, the platform hosts a library of powerful, easy-to-use features that enable organizations to get to market quickly and cost-effectively.

TV Worldwide  TVW
Founded in 1999, TV Worldwide developed the first network of community-based, Internet TV channels targeting professional sectors and advocacy groups. Known by many as "Intelligent Internet TV," Fortune 500 companies, 37 Federal agencies and International associations (including the SIIA) utilize TV Worldwide's live webcast and on-demand Internet TV services and solutions in addition to the company’s award-winning production and post-production capabilities. TV Worldwide is the Official Webcaster of SIIA’s
2016 Connectiv Executive Summit, SIPA and BIMS events.

Promotional Partner

Lively   Lively
Lively is a web-based tool that creates interactive shared learning experiences for events and meetings, in seconds.  It engages attendees by showing their opinions, ideas and questions in a uniquely visual way, and helps event organizers grow sponsorship revenue.  Attendees answer questions by texting their comments to the screen, which get turned into dynamic imagery on the fly with animation, video, branding and more. After the event, reporting provides insights with attendee opinions, attitudes and more. Lively has been used by thousands of people at conferences, corporate meetings, special events and entertainment venues. It’s set up in 30 seconds, without any apps or IT involvement.  Lively's founder, Brad Mehl, is a longtime member of SIIA
and veteran of the business information industry.

Shift   Shift
Shift is the most trusted Salesforce consulting partner for media. Shift implements, configures and customizes the world’s #1 Customer Success Platform and CRM for print, digital, broadcast, outdoor and agencies. When you talk to Shift, you benefit from the accumulated experience of 100+ successful engagements with industry leading media companies. Shift is transforming businesses with a fully integrated media management solution that automates key processes, supports cross team collaboration
and provides total visibility from insertion order to invoice fulfillment. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with a local presence in Vancouver and New York, Shift provides
both remote and onsite service to a global client list.


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