Industry Secrets: Tax Credits for Digital Media/Marketing Firms

For digital marketing firms, media companies, advertisers and publishers that are looking to gain a competitive advantage in their industry, it’s time to explore the valuable government-sponsored credits and incentives out there for their benefit. As marketing and advertising companies shift to digital, more and more of these firms have become eligible for technology and development-based tax incentives—and in our experience, these agencies are now qualifying for what amounts to their everyday activities and projects.

Join us for an interactive discussion with alliantgroup Managing Director Tracy Lustyan as she breaks down the incentives available to Connectiv members, and the value they can produce for companies looking to hire new employees and remain competitive within their industry. For projects relating to the development or design of software, databases, CRM platforms and other technological solutions, these companies can receive significant tax savings through these federal and state incentive programs.

Customer Data Platform 101

At the start of 2017 the Customer Data Platform industry had over $300M in revenue and is on track to grow to $1B in revenue by 2019. With "CDP" on the lips of many in the publishing industry, how do you make sense of it all? This interactive session will cover the basics of just what a CDP is, why publishers should be thinking about them, and what other publishers are using them for.

How May We Serve You? Drive New Revenue by Monetizing Email Campaigns with Personalized Native Ads

Monetizing email campaigns by adding native ads can add a substantial new revenue stream to your digital marketing program, while also maintaining subscriber trust and loyalty with content that’s personalized just for them. With new platforms that can integrate your existing ad server placements into your email sends, publishers can grow revenue with minimal effort by leveraging existing paid placements and advertiser relationships.

This interactive session will demonstrate how AdServer for Email technology can maximize audience engagement, simplify inventory management, tracking and delivery, and optimize direct-sold and 3rd party backfill, all while running existing campaigns in real-time inside newsletters and other email campaigns. Learn how to get paid for your subscriber impressions and traffic with content that’s precisely targeted for each user on any device.

Untangling the EU GDPR: A Discussion on Understanding and Implementing the New Regulation

In a few months, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will go into effect. Join moderator Lorna Fenimore, president of Multipub, in discussing how it will affect SIPA members. This interactive session will enable you to engage with other publishers, learn what they are doing to prepare for this landmark regulation and start making plans to protect your business. 

Leverage Social Intelligence to Turbocharge B2B Audience Marketing

Join us to learn how leading B2B companies are using social media intelligence to boost performance of outbound and inbound marketing campaigns.

Marketers know that the single most important determinant of campaign performance is quality of their first-party and third-party marketing data repositories. Social media offers a self-reported, continuously updated, current stream B2B data that can fix data obsolescence and boost help boost marketing performance. 

See how some leading companies are leveraging social media for B2B audience development. We will discuss a number of customer use cases including past conference attendee recruitment, paid and controlled magazine subscriber acquisition, association membership development, and lead development programs.

Understanding Content as Revenue Generator Beyond Core Products

Triumvirate Consultants

The hunt is on to raise the value of content and turn it into a high margin, recurring revenue stream. But the type of content that’s in demand—and the way that it’s being sold--is changing. Join us for a discussion on how to capitalize on the opportunity in content licensing including:

  • Assessing Your Opportunity: What Can You Sell? Text articles are still valuable but no longer king—today the content that is really in demand ranges from data to research to video. Learn how to do an audit of your existing assets to identify what you can sell and where you can mine new opportunities.
  • Go-to-Market-Strategies: How to Market and How to Deal! Learn how to set pricing for different types of content, how to structure deals that boost the bottom line by creating recurring revenue streams and crafting contracts that maximize your revenue and protect your copyright.
  • Going Global: Why Global Markets Are an Untapped Opportunity. Foreign markets, particularly Asia, are hungry for top notch business content and willing to pay a premium. Hear how you can set up a pipeline for global content sales.

How to Coach Your Team to Sell Outcomes

Hosted by Connectiv U

The key to closing high dollar, high margin integrated sales isn’t selling x number of impressions or page views, it’s selling business outcomes for your client.  Join a discussion moderated by Steve Bookbinder, CEO of DMTraining, as you discuss as a group the importance of changing client conversations from nickel-and-dime negotiations around traffic and impressions to selling holistic solutions that put you deeper into a client’s organization as a mush-have partner. 

The Innovator’s Challenge

    Connectiv Innovation Awards
Join this dynamic roundtable conversation with 2017 Connectiv Innovation Awards Winners who will spark the innovative entrepreneur’s spirit. Learn how these companies developed a culture of innovation and created products and services that were transformational for their employees and customers. It’s a great opportunity to share ideas, test concepts and walk away with some solid strategies for making innovation a priority.

Mentoring Matters

Hosted by the Women’s Leadership & Networking Council

Join the conversation about why mentoring matters and how it builds stronger employee engagement and productivity. We’ll hear from mentors who are making a difference at their companies -- and from mentees who are advancing in their careers with the help of mentors. Members in all career stages are encouraged to participate.


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