Spend 30 exciting minutes with us at TechFlash in a fast-paced session. You’ll hear from six technology innovators who are helping to change the B2B media and information landscape. These disruptors have unique solutions that could be great assets to your business. Join us for this rapid-fire presentation, which will be as entertaining as it is informative. 



The rise of account-based marketing in B2B and people-based marketing in B2C has created a need to build sophisticated and sustainable strategies around data modeling identity management and marketing performance. Live intent has been at the forefront in building audience extension and monetization strategies beyond owned and operated content environments. Executive Vice President Gary Deutsch will be sharing insights into the new Solutions LiveIntent is building to converge the best of people-based marketing with ABM best practices.


If our businesses are to survive, we must evolve. The landscape in publishing and media has changed so drastically over the past few years, it's become increasingly difficult to stay relevant. I'll probably make a "chaos is a ladder" reference here for the Game of Thrones fans. Along with these challenges, comes the opportunity for brands to emerge/persist as leaders in their industry. MagHub is a cloud-based solution built for media companies that automates your business workflows so you and your team can focus on the future and evolve to meet the needs of your clients.

Cobalt by Omeda

Omeda is pleased to launch “CobaltTM,” the first real-time exhibitor/attendee matching platform. Built on an intuitive, mobile friendly, web-based interface, event attendees can easily browse event exhibitors and schedule one-on-one meetings. With access to real-time data, event managers can provide valuable lead information and increase the event’s ROI for exhibitors. Through data science, Cobalt will be able to match attendees with specific exhibitors based on key behavioral and demographic attributes. These attributes include: sessions attended, browsing history, pre-show survey responses and look-a-modeling. More data, more leads, more revenue. Use Cobalt at your next show!

Sibyl by Signet Research

Sibyl by Signet Research

In 2018, Signet Research, a leading provider of Ad Measurement and Audience Profile Studies, will be celebrating 50 years in media research with the release of Sibyl, a simple yet sophisticated 'Audience Experience' survey platform for publishers. The software will facilitate Content and Event satisfaction tracking studies.



Bill Furlong is CEO & Founder of SquareStack, The Business Apps Command Center for Small Business. Bill will share a SquareStack overview video and then highlight SquareStack's value for SMBs and for Channel Partners. You can then book time with Bill!

Unleashed Technologies

Unleashed Technologies

The web is constantly evolving and in motion. B2B publishers and media companies are being challenged more than ever to deliver engaging content to their audiences in a sea of information. Chief Executive Officer Michael Spinosa will be providing a look at the rise of Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), how The Washington Post, Instagram and Forbes are currently leveraging PWAs, and how this new technology will challenge the traditional mobile app market in 2018 and beyond.


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