This is the best networking and information sharing event of the year for our business. If I could only attend one event per year, this would be it.

Joel Hughes

CDO, EnsembleIQ

Great event. Many opportunities to meet peers and learn what is cutting edge in our industry.

Helmut Graf


Great opportunity to engage with colleagues and business partners. Well organized with informative sessions.

Mark Migliore

Senior Vice President- Media Intranets (LaunchPad)

BIMS 2016 was an awesome experience with a plethora of experts. It was a great opportunity to get acquainted with other industry peers and also collaborate and share best practices to allow for a healthier industry overall.

Robert Edwards Administrator, Business & Legal Resources

I really enjoyed the event. It was one of the best conferences I've been to. Very well done with excellent speakers and a great group of vendors and publishers.

Greg Wolfe

President, Circulation Specialists

I always come away from BIMS with a few actionable ideas to improve the business. The people who attend SIPA events are always eager to share what they've learned. And it's not just the sessions. Chatting in the hallway can be just as rewarding as a talk.

Greg Krehbiel

Director of Marketing Operations, Kiplinger


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