Digital Policy Roundup: Privacy: Administration Releases Long-Awaited Privacy Report, Highlights DNT Agreement

Last Thursday, The Obama Administration released its long awaited Privacy Whitepaper proposing a framework for consumer privacy in the digital age. The whitepaper calls for both a “Privacy Bill of Rights,” as well as an announcement of the Administration’s intention to lead a multistakeholder processes to implement general principles for particular sectors or contexts.

In conjunction with the release of the Report, the Administration cited an agreement by members of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) to comply when consumers choose to opt out of tracking as an “example of the value of industry leadership as a critical part of privacy protection going forward.” In response to this report, SIIA issued a statement of support for the goal to adopt voluntary, industry-specific privacy guidelines while cautioning that one-size-fits-all privacy laws or regulations would inhibit innovation, without establishing the most effective privacy protection for the public.

Cloud Computing: US-China Seminar
The U.S. Department of Commerce and the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) will co-host a Cloud Computing Seminar under the auspices of the Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT) Information Industry Working Group (IIWG) on April 19 in Beijing, China. The seminar presents U.S. and Chinese industry and government leaders with the opportunity to discuss trends and challenges in cloud computing in each country, including the government’s role in cloud computing promotion, business models and technologies, data privacy and cross-border data flows, and the regulatory environment for cloud computing services.

This event is being coordinated by USITO, SIIA’s partner organization in China, so please follow-up with SIIA for more information.

ACTA: EU Puts Agreement on Hold
Following the mass protests against ACTA in Europe, several EU member states, including Poland, Latvia and the Czech Republic, withdrew their intent to ratify ACTA or delayed the decision in their national parliaments. Last week, pursuant to a request by the European Trade Commissioner, the EC put the ACTA ratification process on hold and referred the treaty to the European Court of Justice to determine if it is compatible with EU law.

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David LeDuc is Senior Director, Public Policy at SIIA. He focuses on e-commerce, privacy, cyber security, cloud computing, open standards, e-government and information policy.

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