ICANN Extends gTLD Application Deadline; All Eyes Are on April 30 Publishing Date

ICANN extended its deadline for new generic top level domain (gTLD) applications from today until next Friday, but as POLITICO points out in today’s Morning Tech, everyone is waiting for April 30. That’s the date ICANN intends to publish the gTLDs applied for.

There are indications that several thousand applications have been submitted, and SIIA will be reviewing and analyzing the list, and notifying its members of potential applications they may want to object to.

Morning Tech quoted SIIA in its write-up about the new system and how it can change the foundations of the Internet:

‘We’re going to go from a world of .com, .org and.gov to a situation where we’ll have hundreds or thousands of new strings,’ said Scott Bain. ‘It will force a change in how people think of domain names and how they get to sites. Search engines will be more important for finding the right domain – is it nike.com or nike.sports.”

Among other actions, SIIA will be also providing advice to the U.S. government (NTIA) to assist it in the process by which ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee will issue “early warnings” to certain applicants.

Scott BainScott Bain is Chief Litigation Counsel & Director, Internet Anti-piracy at SIIA.

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