Member Spotlight – American Institute of Architects talks Digital Strategy

I had a chance to chat with Kevin Novak, Vice President, Integrated Web Strategy and Technology for American Institute of Archetects (AIA) and new Content Division Board member, to learn more about AIA how they are monetizing over the web, and what they hope to get out of their SIIA membership.


Kathy: Hi Kevin, tell me about American Institute of Architects and what you do.

Kevin: The American Institute of

Kevin Novak, Vice President, Integrated Web Strategy and Technology, AIA

Architects, a 501C6 organization, is an individual membership association for the Architect profession. The AIA generates 60m+ in revenue on a yearly basis from dues and non-dues based revenue sources and has over 80,000 members. I am the Vice President of Integrated Web Strategy and Technology for the Institute. In this role I oversee the Institutes’ Web Strategy, user experience and Web products including its virtual convention and other revenue generating services and information delivery products. I also co-lead the Institute’s Knowledge Strategy and resulting products that are delivered through web platforms and portals. In addition, I have overall leadership and management of technology and systems serving the Institute and its members.

Kathy: And who are your members/ customers?

Kevin: The organization’s core customer demographic is the Architect Profession. The AIA however, through its Contract Documents and other products, has customers throughout the Built Industry including attorneys, engineers, construction firms, and government.

Kathy: What is unique about AIA?Kevin: What a good question. I get to use and build expertise in several areas given my dual focus on the web and technology at AIA. The dual focus allows me an opportunity to be responsible for the web based revenue generation and products, building new products and business cases while focusing on the user and customer experience and the overall technology of the Institute. It all keeps the day very interesting.

Kathy: What are the unique challenges you have in your business and how you go about solving them?

Kevin: My major challenge is meeting demand, innovation and service with a limited pool of resources and funding. The organization, its members and staff are innovative and creative and there are so many good things we should or could be doing. Therefore, prioritization and reality become key.

Kathy: What do you see as the biggest trends in the industry the next 12-18 months?

Kevin: I believe technology is moving at a faster rate of adoption than in previous times. The consumerization and the resulting demands are going to continue to put greater and greater pressure on organizations to accommodate. Faster innovation and adoption will be critical to survival.

Kathy: What do you hope to get out of your SIIA membership?

Kevin: Knowledge and networking. SIIA offers a great and diverse group of members who are in similar businesses or business focus. I look forward to having an opportunity to make an impact for the overall membership while developing great industry peer relationships that can aid me in my focus and activities.

Kathy: One thing the industry doesn’t know about you (personal item e.g. avid skier, etc. … ) or others in your company?

Kevin: Although I am immersed constantly in the web and technology in both my personal and professional lives, I still need to ‘write” on paper. I am most creative with a pencil…

To contact Kevin please reach out via Twitter @novakkevin or shoot him an email at:

Kathy Greenler Sexton is Vice President and General Manager of the SIIA Content Division. Contact Kathy at

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