SIIA DPR: Bills Lined-up for Cyber Week, SIIA Releases Education Interoperability Primer, and ICANN Continues to Postpone

Cyber Week Arrives With Slate of Legislation, Proposed Amendment to CISPA Ongoing
House Republican Leadership officially confirmed last Friday the four cybersecurity bills that will be considered this week. Consistent with expectations, those are: H.R. 2096 – Cybersecurity Enhancement Act, Rep. McCaul (R-TX), H.R. 3834 – Advancing America’s Networking and IT R&D Act, Rep. Hall (R-TX), H.R. 3523 – Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, Rep. Rogers (R-MI) and H.R. 4257 – Federal Information Security Amendments Act, Rep. Issa (R-CA). Most of the activity is expected to take place on Thursday, with Rogers’ bill likely to be the most heavily debated. Members were provided until COB Tuesday to file amendments.

Last week, SIIA joined with several other leading technology trade groups in sending a letter in support for these measures. The outlook is still uncertain for two other cyber week hopefuls: Rep. Lungren’s (R-CA) H.R. 3674 -the Promoting and Enhancing Cybersecurity and Information Sharing Effectiveness Act, which saw a slimmed-down version pass the Homeland Security Committee last week, and the data security/breach notification legislation, H.R. 2577 – the Safe DATA Act, Rep. Bono Mack (R-CA). Committee staff shared publicly the latest discussion draft this afternoon, and Rep. Bono Mack is hopeful to advance the legislation through regular order in the coming weeks. So we can possibly expect that to be considered by the E&C Committee soon.

SIIA Releases Primer on K-20 Education Interoperability Standards
This week, SIIA officially released a “Primer on K-20 Education Interoperability Standards” that provides a framework for understanding interoperability standards that facilitate the exchange of information among educational systems and support the integration of content, data, and components from different technology applications. The importance of interoperability is highlighted in the pending initiative to develop online assessments aligned to the Common Core State Standards, funded with federal Race to the Top grants to the SBAC and PARCC state consortia, among other initiatives. The Primer is intended enable developers of educational applications and digital content to further understand how adoption of interoperability standards can advance both education goals as well as their own business needs, with the goal of helping to achieve a flexible, modular assessment technology architecture to meet evolving and unique state and local requirements.

ICANN Further Extends TLD Application Process
ICANN confirmed last week that continuing technical problems have further delayed the deadline for the submission of new gTLD applications. As a result, ICANN will not be in a position to reveal the new gTLD applications received on April 30, as previously scheduled. ICANN has recently said it “will provide an update on the timing of the reopening no later than Friday, 27 April,” and while no new date has been provided to reveal the list, ICANN has said that “the date when applied-for TLDs are announced will follow announcement of the application system re-opening date.” So stay tuned.

David LeDuc is Senior Director, Public Policy at SIIA. He focuses on e-commerce, privacy, cyber security, cloud computing, open standards, e-government and information policy.

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