SIIA Member Saugatuck: ISV Partnering for Innovation and Speed

New Saugatuck Thought-leadership Papers on ISV Partnering for Innovation and Speed

ISVs developing and/or migrating their business and offering portfolios to compete in today’s constant-innovation, Cloud-speed marketplaces may be interested in a series of thought-leadership papers just developed and published on behalf of Wipro Technologies.

Based on Saugatuck’s years of working with and guiding ISVs through the planning and transition from traditional software business to new, innovation-driven capabilities, opportunities, and offerings, each paper looks at an important aspect of what makes ISVs successful in today’s fast-changing, ultra-competitive markets, including the most important challenges faced by ISVs, and how these challenges are being overcome through new ways of approaching and resolving business and technology needs.

The bottom line: Successful ISVs rely increasingly on trusted technology and service provider partners to enable the most innovative and fastest time-to-market offerings and capabilities possible. Technology, business, and market innovation and success become more cost-effective than ever before.

Links to the three papers can be found as follows:

This blog post was contributed by Bruce Guptill, SVP and Head of Research at Saugatuck Technology.  More from the Saugatuck blog, Lens360.

Katie CarlsonKatie Carlson is Program Manager for the SIIA Software Division.

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