SIIA Welcomes New Commerce Department Report Hailing Intellectual Property’s Contributions to the U.S. Economy

SIIA welcomes the Commerce Department’s groundbreaking report, which shows, from an independent and authoritative body, that Intellectual Property protection is essential to the creation of American jobs and growth of the U.S. economy.

The new report found that 40 million jobs, or 27.7 percent of all jobs, were attributable to the most IP-intensive industries in 2010, while software publishers led the way among IP-intensive service-providers with $22.3 billion in exports in 2007. The Commerce Department’s report underscores the critical importance of adequately and effectively protecting the software and digital content industries, which are key drivers of economic growth and recovery.

Keith Kupferschmid is General Counsel and SVP, Intellectual Property Policy & Enforcement at SIIA.

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