This Week in IP Enforcement

Report: Online Counterfeit Sales To Overtake Street Vendors (National Journal)
More counterfeit goods will soon be sold online than on the street, according to the latest report by the U.S. Trade Representative.

Advertisers pledge not to support ‘rogue’ pirate sites (The Hill)
Two major advertising trade associations released a set of best practices on Thursday to ensure that companies do not place ads on websites dedicated to offering illegal copies of movies and music.

Google, authors go head to head over digital books (Reuters)
Google Inc, in a long-running legal dispute over its plans to create a digital library of books, argued in court on Thursday that associations of authors and photographers should not be allowed to sue the company as a group.

Tech Firms Crowd-Source to Fight Suits (Wall Street Journal)
Tech giants like Microsoft Corp. and Apple Inc., along with several start-ups, have tapped Article One Partners LLC to crowd-source evidence that a patent they are being sued for allegedly infringing isn’t novel. Proving so in court can invalidate a patent.

OSS adoption in emerging markets encouraging but doesn’t combat piracy (ZDNet Asia)
Open source software (OSS) has picked up in the region with different levels of adoption in different countries, however, it is not a silver bullet to combat piracy, say market watchers.

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