SIIA Announces Five Recommendations to Make Federal IT Reform a Reality

SIIA’s Public Sector Innovation Group (PSIG) today released an authoritative guide to help Federal CIOs and IT companies work together to effectively transition to a new cloud-based environment. SIIA crafted the guide to provide specific recommendations for fostering the development of the cloud in the Federal government and harnessing its full economic potential.

PSIG released the guide as part of the NIST Cloud Computing Forum and Workshop beginning today, and to coincide with the June 9th deadline for the 18-month deliverables for the 25 Point Plan to Reform Federal IT.

With budgets tightening, and the 25 Point Plan deadline looming, this is a critical time for Federal IT reform. Working closely with both Federal IT executives and so many companies that do business with the government gives us a unique perspective on the future of IT reform. At this important time, our goal is to help focus attention on what we see as the core priorities.

This guide provides recommendations around many of the central opportunities and challenges that are being debated among leaders in both the public and private sectors. We believe the development of a comprehensive IT strategy roadmap, along with consistent implementing guidance, will allow agencies to prioritize IT initiatives in order to make the original vision of the 25 Point Plan a reality.

The report offers five key recommendations for Federal decision makers:

1. Continue to promote the “Cloud First” policy developed in 2010
2. OMB and GSA should work together and with industry to remove barriers to effective planning and procurement.
3. Promote changes to federal acquisition process and culture that to ensure they keep pace with technology
4. Lower the barrier of market entry for small businesses
5. Develop a comprehensive Federal IT strategy roadmap

The full report, which includes detailed discussion of each recommendation, is available here.

Michael Hettinger is VP for the Public Sector Innovation Group (PSIG) at SIIA. Follow his PSIG tweets at @SIIAPSIG.

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