Breakthrough Talk: Navigating Transformation

Marc Strohlein, Agile Business Logic

In a relatively short period of time, technology has moved from the back office to the front office, and then out the door to the mobile Internet, all the while growing in impact and disruptive potential. In the process, technology moved from a business strategy-enabling tool, to one of transformation, at least for those information companies that have figured out how to truly leverage it.

It’s no secret that Google, Apple, and Amazon have mastered using technology to transform their businesses-not just once or twice, but continuously. Information publishers, on the other hand have often struggled to achieve such transformational effects. That’s because the challenges of selecting and exploiting transformative technologies are significant. So are the people and cultural issues that come with major technology shifts.

Executives are lulled by vendors’ siren songs of big data, cloud computing, tablets and mobile computing, semantic technology-the list goes on and on. But which ones will deliver breakthrough business impact and have staying power? And how do technology executives manage complex transitions from legacy environments without disrupting business operations?

The answer, and the subject of this upcoming panel at the SIIA IIS conference, “Navigating Transformation,” is that technology and business strategy need to become intertwined and embedded in the DNA of publishing firms. In effect, those businesses need to become technology firms that publish-ot just newspaper, book, journal, or online publishers.

The panel is comprised of Richard Belanger, Chief Information Officer, ProQuest, Peter Marney, Senior Vice President, Thomson Reuters, along with myself, Marc Strohlein, Principal of Agile Business Logic as moderator. Expect a lively discussion about the opportunities afforded by new technologies as well as their challenges and our collective wisdom about how to ensure success.  Our goal is that attendees will leave with clear ideas about how to leverage the transformative potential of information technology.

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