Innovation and Growth Diagnostic Exclusively for IIS Registrants

How do you facilitate heightened, sustainable performance from your team to achieve innovation and breakthrough ideas?

Whether you lead a multi national information company or a midmarket to early-stage content company, you’ll gain tremendous value from a presentation on this very topic at IIS 2013: Breakthrough on January 30 by Gifford Booth of the Tai Group.

I encourage you to register now to catch Gifford’s presentation and to join the impressive roster of media, publishing, and information services executives already confirmed to attend.

If you register by January 15, you’ll be invited to take your own performance diagnostic that will provide you with an immediate personal profile on your behavior and skills around innovation and risk. (Note: instructions for taking the diagnostic will be sent on January 21 and you will have until January 25 to complete it. The process should take no longer than 15 minutes.)

Background on The Performance Diagnostic

Breakthrough ideas, innovative products, and new ways of doing things don’t happen by accident. They’re the result of teams working in purposeful, collaborative, risk-taking ways. As leaders of an industry that relies critically on the speed and quality of innovation, it’s your job to create the chemistry, direction, and guidance to make this happen.

Take advantage of this diagnostic to experience how you can get a new line of sight into your organization and how ready you are to innovate in ways which can change your business. Based on critical factors of business purpose and risk-The Performance Diagnostic is a simple online tool that quickly reveals the innovation environment in which you and your team are operating. The tool is designed to give you insight on how you can change your team’s behavior to achieve sustained performance and innovation.

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