Meet the Previews Presenting Companies

The previews judges, consisting of a team of SIIA members specializing in identifying industry start up companies, have selected a show stopping lineup of companies to present at SIIA Previews 2013. If you are unfamiliar with Previews, it showcases the most innovative B2B content companies – publishers, content aggregators, and technology plays – with under $10M in revenue, that are currently transforming the information industry.

Each presenting company will give a 5 minute presentation at IIS Breakthrough, January 30-31 in NYC, and will have 5 minutes for audience Q&A. Additionally, IIS attendees will vote on the company “Most Likely to Succeed” and will have the opportunity to meet with the companies during the Previews & CODiEs Showcase & Networking reception.

Meet the Class of 2013

Automated Insights

Automated Insights is the leading provider of high-quality, real-time content automation services. Automated Insights’ technology can automatically transform raw data into narratives (articles, summaries, headlines), visualizations (charts, tables, graphs) and interactive applications (mobile and Twitter/Facebook based social applications). We help companies in a variety of markets (such as finance, real estate and sports) realize the full monetization potential of their data assets. In essence, we use technology to humanize big data, and automate knowledge and insight at scale. Our work with Yahoo! Fantasy Football represents the largest and most complex automated content initiative to-date. Over the course of this football season we will produce over 50 million fully personalized fantasy football recaps. And in addition to our work with outside clients, we also own and operate the StatSheet Sports Network ( As such, we now own and operate 417 fully automated web sites, 500 + Android, iPad and iPhone mobile apps, 2000+ Twitter accounts and 400 Facebook pages covering every team in the NFL, MLB, NBA and NCAA Division I College Basketball and Football. The StatSheet Sports Network is comprised of more than 1.5 million pages of high-quality content all of which is written by our software and powered by a proprietary database of over 3.5 billion sports statistics.

Buzzient, Inc.

Buzzient provides Software as a Service (SaaS) that enables F5000 companies to leverage social media (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook) for improved customer service. The problem Buzzient addresses is that with the rapid growth of social media, consumers now go first to the social channel for registering complaints. F5000 companies are unable to support their customers on this channel unless they can integrate social with their existing customer service, marketing, sales and supply chain applications. The Company’s flagship application, Buzzient Enterprise, is a SaaS application that enables a F5000 company to (1) directly support customers on social media channels, or (2) integrate social data with existing customer service applications from Oracle,, NetSuite, and others. The market for Enterprise Social Software exceeds $1.1B in 2012, and will exceed $4.5B in 2016(IDC). The TAM is the about 80% of the market in North America, of which over 90% use a CRM solution supported by Buzzient (Forrester). The TAM for Buzzient is therefore $792M in 2012, growing to $3.2B by 2016. The vertical markets where Buzzient applies include High Tech, Retail, Consumer Financials, Travel/Leisure, and Telecom.

Consensus Point, Inc.

Business Description: Consensus Point is a social analytics software company revolutionizing market research with Huunu, our new prediction market research platform. By bringing the thrill of gaming techniques, crowdsourcing and our prediction market algorithm to research, Huunu creates more value from communities and new revenue to market research companies. With traditional research methods, 20% of research respondents are undesirable because they are rewarded only for participation. Huunu rewards accuracy and participation to engage the community. Benchmarks have proven Huunu accurately predicts future outcomes, such as concept testing and product sales forecasts, and is more efficient and valuable than conventional market research methods, such as surveys, polls, or focus groups. Competitive Advantage: Consensus Point provides our cloud-based software as a service platform, Huunu, exclusively to our partners to maximize the value of their established communities for their clients. Using our unique partner administrator, market research and expert network firms provide both qualitative and quantitative results within their solution portfolios. Huunu brings gamificiation and social techniques, along with the proven science of our prediction market algorithm, to market research and market intelligence. Target Market: Market research was a $31.2 billion industry last year, which was a 5.2 percent increase over the previous year, according to the latest Global Market Research report from ESOMAR. Consensus Point goes to market through partnerships with market research firms with strong customer relationships to enhance their revenue through our new Huunu market research platform.

Datamyne, Inc.

Datamyne is a top-ranked provider of international trade intelligence, designed for companies that conduct business on a global basis. Our data – sourced from manifests, bills of lading and other official government documents – covers the import and export transactions of some 50 countries across 5 continents, including the US, and key markets in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and the European Union. Our database is updated each day with the latest available data. Our online search and analysis tools make it easy to capture multiple perspectives on trade, from the details of individual shipments, to the size and direction of trade flows, to multi-faceted profiles of buyers and sellers. Our clients use this data to identify and gauge market opportunities, locate and qualify sources of supply, benchmark supply chain performance, and outmaneuver their competitors. Access to Datamyne is by subscription. Access to the most recent three months of data is available at our website via pay-as-you-go (by credit card) On Demand. Soon-to-be released Datamyne for Mobile can be used to find product markets and connect with qualified traders. Datamyne Profiles (summaries of companies trading activities over the past year) is available for integration via an API. What sets us apart from other trade data providers? Size, speed, simplicity, service and market savvy. We build and maintain the world’s largest searchable database of import-export trade. Our US import data is first to the marketplace, delivered within 24 hours of receipt from US Customs and Border Protection. Our easy-to-use interface makes it simple to do complex market and sourcing research. Each customer gets one-on-one, personalized support from one of our team of experts. The people who work with our customers, our trade data specialists, combine on-the-ground knowledge of markets here and abroad with professional experience in key industry verticals. To learn more, visit us at


Each day, news is shared across organizations in scattered, haphazard ways that fail to inform employees and educate teams. Enormous amounts of knowledge are frittered away due to a lack of proper tools. Delve offers a powerful alternative: a personalized, curated news reader for each employee, and a simple social layer to share relevant stories with colleagues. It saves professionals time and turns news into knowledge inside organizations.


Enlyton is the first cloud-based enterprise search and content discovery company. Organizations that need to manage diverse digital assets rely on Enlyton to inventory, organize, connect and present creative search-based applications. Unlike legacy and open-source solutions, Enlyton allows you to keep content where it is and make it searchable in days, not months. Enlyton’s mathematical semantic technology enables discovery of both internal AND third-party content, regardless of structure or location. With no burden on storage or processing infrastructure, enterprises get a flexible, lower cost solution, and digital asset managers get a simple interface to organize and create search-based applications for their audiences.


Gust is the global, secure, infrastructure platform for the early stage entrepreneurial finance ecosystem. It provides investors, entrepreneurs and all the organizations that support them, with everything needed to connect and collaborate on funding decisions and investor relations from pitch to exit. Investors on Gust find new investment opportunities, connect with entrepreneurs, and manage their deal flow. Entrepreneurs use Gust to find the right investors and manage all their investor and mentor relationships. Accelerators, incubators, business plan competitions, universities and governments use Gust for applications, Demo Days, collaboration and regional portals. With over 160,000 early stage companies and 40,000 accredited early stage investors actively engaged, Gust is the official platform of over 1,000 angel groups and venture funds worldwide, and is the official national entrepreneurial finance platform of 15 countries.

Movable Media

MovableMedia is focused on “opening the author channel” for brands and publishers. Our insight is that authors recruited for custom content can be a major source of distribution and audience, when their contributions are measured and compensated properly. MovableMedia has developed a unique technology solution (the “Author Tag”) to help authors move their audiences. We work with a number of major brands such as General Mills, P&G, and Williams Sonoma.


PublishThis is a cloud-based content marketing platform that enables brands, retailers, media companies and trade associations to more easily publish fresh, compelling content across all of their marketing channels at scale. Powerful search and curation solutions help businesses better engage their customers, build thought leadership, improve competitive intelligence, increase lead conversion, and reduce digital publishing costs. WHAT SETS PUBLISHTHIS APART PublishThis has developed a unique content discovery engine that marries next-generation semantic search technology, social monitoring and human curation tools to deliver brands and business a faster, more efficient, technology driven solution to scale their content marketing and publishing efforts. Content feeds can be curated in minutes, mixing a company’s own library of content with the real-time web for any topic, and easily published to websites, microsites, newsletters, tablets and social pages with little or no IT support.

Visual Revenue Inc.

Visual Revenue is the leading provider of real-time, content placement recommendations for online publishers. We help editors and producers across the globe by providing them with up to the second suggestions on the optimal layout for their content throughout their online publication based on audience interest, publisher objectives and editorial tone. We report on the real-time performance of the Homepage, Section Front Pages and Article pages, identify exactly how each piece of content is performing right now and model how that content will perform about 30 min into the future. We then provide a very specific set of recommendations on what item of content will perform best in which position. The Visual Revenue platform also provides editorial teams the ability to instantly A/B test story headlines as well as manage their social media strategy; from real-time reporting to recommendations on which content to tweet/post and at what time. Our platform results in an average 30% increase in engagement, enables editors to act faster and with more confidence and helps publishers work towards their given objective e.g. increase time spent, App downloads or paywall subscriptions.




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