This Week in IP Enforcement

Google Settles Belgian Papers’ Copyright Dispute (Reuters)
Settling a six-year copyright dispute, Google reached an agreement with a group of Belgian newspaper publishers and authors to help them generate revenues from their online content.

The Right to Resell: A Ticking Time Bomb Over Digital Goods (paidContent)
With a conflict brewing over consumers’ rights to use platforms like ReDigi to resell their books, music and other digital property, libraries and companies are joining together to lobby for Digital First Sale rights.

Alibaba Group’s Taobao Removed From “Notorious Markets” List by U.S. (TechCrunch)
The U.S. government announced that it has removed China’s Taobao Marketplace from its yearly list of the world’s most “notorious markets,” a distinction Taobao earned for being rampant with pirated and counterfeit goods.

Anti-Piracy Chief Patents “Pay Up or Disconnect” Scheme (TorrentFreak)
One of the top executives of the U.S.-based anti-piracy outfit Digital Rights Corp has submitted a patent application for a system that will demand a fee from Internet users caught downloading copyrighted material.

U.S. Report Slams Russia’s VKontakte Over Copyright Infringement (RT)
A USTR report has accused Russia’s largest social network site of copyright infringement, claiming the site allows users to access and share copyright-protected content without right-holders’ permission.

Keith Kupferschmid is General Counsel and SVP, Intellectual Property Policy & Enforcement at SIIA.

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