All About the Cloud Program Committee: Eileen Boerger, CorSource Technology

I sat down with AATC Program Committee sponsor, Eileen Boerger, President of CorSource Technology to discuss AATC, her goals for the conference and why this event is so important for ISVs.

Rhianna: Why was it important to you to sponsor AATC and be a part of the Program Committee?

Eileen: Sponsoring All About the Cloud is important because the audience at AATC is our target market, ISVs, and one of our key consulting areas is consulting and cloud developing for ISVs. AATC allows us to network with our target audience and potential partners. We’ve seen success in the past and we look forward to continued participation.

Being part of the program committee is important because we have a much stronger network ourselves in terms of the types of topics people want to see and we know a number of people that are excellent speakers. We want to contribute to making this as strong a conference as possible by helping leverage our resources.

Rhianna: What are your goals for the conference this year?

Eileen: We’d like to hear about some of the new trends from other leading vendors and hear about the current key issues that ISV’s are discussing. We’re looking to establish some new partnerships as well as generate new business.

Rhianna: What is unique about AATC that makes it so valuable to ISVs?

Eileen: It’s one of the only forums where ISVs can come together and share what works, what doesn’t work and what is still needed to be successful in developing and delivering SaaS products. It’s also the one place they can go to talk to the vendors in the space and get a much better idea of what is possible for them.

Rhianna: What are your industry predictions for what’s in store for 2013-2014?

Eileen: ISV’s have been developing SaaS products and almost all new products are SaaS…the acceptance is ok, but Enterprises are still worried about cloud. We need to prove the environment is secureand make integrations easy between products to establish confidence with the larger Enterprises.

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