Meet Previews Presenting Company Delve

Sandeep Ayyappan, CEO, Delve

Meet Previews Presenting Company Delve, from the voice of the CEO, Sandeep Ayyappan.

What does Delve Do?
Delve helps organizations turn news into knowledge using a personalized news reader for each employee and a private social layer where anyone can recommend and discuss relevant stories with their colleagues.

What is your secret sauce that will make you successful?
We use our algorithms to identify and recommend the most relevant stories to professionals in a range of industries, and then we make it much easier to engage colleagues on what they’re reading and why it matters. Being able to find better stories and share them more easily creates better questions and conversations inside any organization.

What are you looking to achieve in presenting at IIS (Investors, Partners, Content)?
We’re currently working on our seed round and we’re looking for potential strategic investors, and we’d love to build relationships with publishers who might be interested in distributing content through our platform as well.

What would you say is your favorite breakthrough technology or company?
I don’t recall a technology that changed my life in as many ways as the original iPhone. I bought it a few months after the first one came out. It was painfully slow and often couldn’t get reception, but how much it allowed me to do and the simplicity of its interface changed the way I listened to music, talked on the phone, played games, and even surfed the internet.

Learn more about Delve, and the other 2013 Previews Presenting companies at IIS Breakthrough. Each presenting company will deliver a 5-minute presentation to an audience of key decision makers during the IIS Breakthrough event being held from January 30-31, 2013 in New York City. Presenting companies will also have 5-minutes for audience Q&A and an opportunity to showcase their companies to IIS attendees during the SIIA Previews and CODIEs Showcase and Networking reception. To top things off, the IIS audience will vote on the company they believe is most likely to succeed.

About Previews
Over the past six years, SIIA Previews has showcased innovative content companies, including publishers, media, aggregators, and technology plays, and 2013 SIIA Previews will feature the 100th Preview Company!

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