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SIIA’s Cloud/GOV Conference to feature FedRAMP, Big Data and Cloud: The agenda for SIIA’s Cloud/GOV 2013 is really coming together. All of the sessions are timely and right in line with the topics we have been talking about via this blog and in the Public Sector Innovation Group for the past six months. I am particularly excited to announce the Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has agreed to keynote the afternoon session. He’ll be discussing his proposed legislation to reform federal IT acquisition.

We’ll also have a great panel on FedRAMP which includes Katie Lewin from GSA and Tom McAndrew from Coalfire, a GSA certified 3PAO. The idea behind this panel is the go inside the program to understand how it works and what businesses need to be prepared for when they get into the process. We’ve also got a great session on the collision of cloud computing and big data, featuring Shawn Kingsberry from the RAT Board and Ashit Talukder from NIST, two of the government leaders in these areas. New content and speakers are being added every day so I expect a great event. We will have a couple of high profile keynote speakers to announce in the coming weeks.Check it out here.

FedRAMP Rollout Continues: Speaking of FedRAMP, we learned a little more about what GSA expects from the FedRAMP program in 2013. According to this article in FCW GSA expects 10 to 15 cloud service providers to be accredited through the program in 2013 and twice that number in 2014 when FedRAMP becomes mandatory. Some readers of this blog may recall that back in March 2012 when GSA initially spoke of FedRAMP they said they hoped they could get as many as 6 to 20 CSPs through the program in 2012. At the rate technology moves these days, having fewer than 50 approved CSPs by the end of 2014 may not do much to speed the government’s migration to cloud computing as agencies will have to look to other contract vehicles to procure what they need. From our end of things, we will continue to push GSA to move companies quickly through the FedRAMP process so that all CSPs can compete on equal footing.

NIST Cloud and Big Data Workshop: This week NIST held its latest meeting in its workshop series on cloud computing and data analytics, this time bringing together two of the hottest topics in federal IT. The three day discussion at NIST’s Gaithersburg, Maryland headquarters featured a keynote by Federal CIO Steve Van Roekel and a host of panel discussions about how cloud and data work together to make government more effective. FedNewsRadio has a recap.

Cloud and Data Drive State and Local IT Modernization: We hear over and over again that data and cloud hold as much if not more promise for efficiency in state and local governments as they do in the federal government. No place is this more evident than in the state of Oregon, where the Oregon Records Management Solution will provide state, city and county government officials with acces to records in a timely, efficient and uniform manner, while saving money and reducing risk. FCW has the full story.

Postal Service Plans for Cloud Computing Credential Exchange Pilot: According to a posting on FedBizOps, the US Postal Service is moving ahead with a one-year cloud credential exchange program pilot. The USPS intends to award a one-year contract for a software-as-a-service solution that will meet the federal government’s need to provide a consistent approach to authentication for citizens seeking online access to individualized federal agency systems and applications. See the full opportunity at FBO.

Michael Hettinger is VP for the Public Sector Innovation Group (PSIG) at SIIA. Follow his PSIG tweets at @SIIAPSIG.

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