This Week in IP Enforcement

SIIA Comments to the US Copyright Office on Orphan Works and Mass Digitization (PDF)

SIIA on First Sale at the State of the Net Conference: AUDIO (SIIA Digital Discourse)

Google Settles French Copyright Complaint (CNET)
To resolve a copyright dispute with French news publishers over the news snippets that appear in its search results, Google has agreed to dump 60 million euros into a digital publishing innovation fund and help the publishers increase revenue through online ads.

Amazon Wins Broad Patent to Create Marketplace for Used Digital Content (paidContent)
Amazon has won a patent for an electronic marketplace where users can resell digital content, but it is unclear whether such a marketplace would be legal under current copyright law.

“Six Strikes” Boss Insists New System Won’t Harm Public Wi-Fi (Ars Technica)
As the launch of the “six strikes” copyright alert system nears, the group in charge of the effort, the Center for Copyright Information, has had to respond to reports that the system could hurt small businesses by throttling the speed of their Wi-Fi connections. CCI insists that the new alert system will not harm public Wi-Fi.

Anti-Piracy Site Claims Small, 40 Percent Victory in Anti-Mega Campaign (Ars Technica), an anti-piracy group that attempts to take down file-hosting services by attacking their finances, says it has already made progress in its campaign to have the payment processing of all Mega resellers terminated.

Keith Kupferschmid is General Counsel and SVP, Intellectual Property Policy & Enforcement at SIIA.

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