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Meet Content Analyst, the innovators behind the powerful CAAT analytics engine and a new member of the SIIA’s Content Division. We sat down with Content Analyst’s VP of Marketing, Steven Toole, to learn more about this unique company as well as emerging trends in analytics.


Steven Toole

Steven Toole, VP of Marketing, Content Analyst Company

Kathy: Tell me about Content Analyst Company. What do you do?

Steven: Content Analyst Company provides a powerful and proven Concept-aware Advanced Analytics engine that exponentially reduces the time needed to discern relevant information from unstructured data. CAAT®, our dynamic suite of text analytics technologies, delivers significant value wherever knowledge workers need to extract insights from large amounts of unstructured data. Our capabilities are easily integrated into any software solution, and our support strategy for our partners is second to none.

Kathy: What kinds of companies does Content Analyst look to partner with?

Steven: We license our CAAT advanced analytics engine to software companies, information services providers and systems integrators that are looking to dramatically improve their end customers’ ability to find, organize and discover relevant information among large collections of unstructured data.

CAAT is proven effective with dozens of software product companies in the areas of e-discovery, US Intelligence and several

Kathy Greenler Sexton, VP & GM, SIIA Content Division

other markets involving vast amounts of unstructured documents and emails.

We partner with companies in the areas of information services, email and enterprise archiving, compliance, web content management, social media, and other markets defined by unstructured content in great volumes.

Our ideal partner has a customer-driven need to better organize unstructured data, a development team to work with our Product Solutions Group to integrate our software APIs, and a vision to address end customers’ need to organize unstructured data more effectively.

Kathy: Who does Content Analyst sell to?

Steven: Content Analyst Company licenses our proprietary CAAT concept-aware advanced analytics engine to software companies, information services companies, and systems integrators looking to provide their end customers with more effective ways to find, organize and discover relevant content amidst large volumes of unstructured documents, email, and web content.

Kathy: What is unique about what Content Analyst does?

Steven: Unlike Boolean keyword search, or other natural language processing technologies, CAAT uses concept-aware advanced analytics.  CAAT does not require the use of any dictionaries, thesauri, ontologies or libraries in order to derive conceptual meaning from a set of unstructured content.  Rather, CAAT uses example documents or sections of text to define a category.  CAAT then identifies conceptually similar content among millions of entries, regardless of misspellings, acronyms, abbreviations, etc.  In addition, CAAT’s capabilities can be applied in any language – again, without any cross-referencing, dictionaries or word libraries.

The CAAT suite of full capabilities includes example based auto-categorization, conceptual search, content summarization, dynamic clustering, email threading, text near duplicate identification and conceptual near duplicate identification.

In addition, Content Analyst Company is committed to developing mutually successful, long term partnerships with the companies that license our technology.  Content Analyst provides advanced analytics training and certification, code reviews, and full integration support of our CAAT advanced analytics APIs.  Content Analyst continuously innovates our CAAT advanced analytics engine, with a semi-annual product release schedule.  ContentCare® is Content Analyst’s partner support program, providing comprehensive resources designed to ensure partners’ success with the CAAT advanced analytics engine.

Kathy: What do you see as the biggest trends in the industry in the next 12-18 months?

Steven: Software companies whose applications manage unstructured content know that Big Data is very real, and the need to manage and effectively use the data provides an opportunity for all of us.

Software companies and information services companies are starting to realize that semantic advanced analytics  technology can understand the ‘meaning’ of unstructured documents, and is a key in the drive to taming the unstructured content of big data.  Software companies that have products for enterprise content management, archiving and compliance; social media monitoring, and human capital management – all face the challenges of managing vast amounts of unstructured content.  By taking a small number of documents as examples, and using concept-aware auto categorization to say “go find more like these,” the potential impact on taming big data is amazing.

Despite the hype around big data, few will disagree that it poses challenges and benefits if managed properly, and fewer still will disagree that it’s going away anytime soon.  Relying on manual taxonomies is simply not practical, as the volume, velocity and variety of content comprising big data accelerates virtually at the speed of thought.

Concept-aware auto categorization has proven itself as a highly effective, extremely fast and incredibly precise approach in legal e-discovery and US intelligence.  The possibilities are endless for applying this technology to address the major obstacles big data poses, while simultaneously harvesting the broad benefits big data stands to offer.

Kathy: What does Content Analyst hope to get out of its SIIA Membership?

Steven: Content Analyst believes that software and information services companies can drive strong incremental value for their customers through the concept aware auto categorization technology that CAAT has long provided in e-discovery and US Intelligence.   Content Analyst joined SIIA to help educate members about game-changing advanced analytics that can help differentiate software and information solutions dealing with large amounts of unstructured content, documents and email.  We invite all SIIA members to take a look at CAAT by Content Analyst and schedule a live demonstration at

Kathy: Is there any recent news that you’d like to announce? 

Steven: For nearly 10 years, Content Analyst Company has focused heavily on providing advanced analytics to vendors in the e-discovery and US Intelligence communities.  We joined SIIA in early 2013 to expand on our proven success in these markets, and forge technology alliances with software and information services companies looking to provide robust text analytics capabilities for their customers, in any language.

In June 2013, we introduced CAAT Definer 1.0, – the world’s first GUI-based concept-aware utility that facilitates the process of identifying the highest quality conceptual auto categorization examples – in any language.   Quite simply, CAAT Definer helps users define high quality example sets for maximum accuracy and precision in concept based auto categorization.

Kathy: What is the best way for people to get in touch with Content Analyst?

Twitter handle:  @Content_Analyst
Company URL:












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