SIIA Supports PROTECT Act, Says Legislation is Critical to Promoting Medical Safety while Advancing Innovation

Today, Senators Deborah Fischer (R-NE) and Angus King (I-ME) introduced the Preventing Regulatory Overreach To Enhance Care Technology Act of 2014 (PROTECT Act), legislation to provide regulatory certainty for health information technologies.

Healthcare is one of the most data rich environments today.  Yet, physicians are often working with limited information and time; the results can be fragmented care and errors that raise costs and threaten quality.

The current regulatory framework was largely developed before the rise of today’s sophisticated information technologies (IT), and it focuses on traditional discrete devices manufactured at a single site and physically shipped to distributors and users.  With the rise of networked ecosystems and sophisticated software, this paradigm does not encourage today’s innovations, let alone tomorrow’s. Further, clarity is needed to encourage innovation and enables life-saving technologies to be brought to market in a timely manner.

Fortunately, patient safety and product innovation are not mutually exclusive. SIIA supports the PROTECT Act because it takes necessary steps to establish a regulatory framework that provides for innovation without compromising safety.  If enacted, the PROTECT Act will enable IT products and services to revolutionize health outcomes and lower costs for patients and providers.

SIIA thanks Senators Fischer and King for introducing this critical legislation.

Ken WaschKen Wasch is President of SIIA. Follow the SIIA Software team on twitter at @SIIASoftware.

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