The week’s top 8 IP enforcement headlines

Righthaven Terminates Lawyer, Stops Filing New Cases (paidContent)
Following a series of legal setbacks, Righthaven laid off in-house attorney Steven Ganim and says it does not intend to file any new suits in the coming months.

Android Survey Highlights Piracy Problem (Information Week)
A recent survey reports that Android developers do not earn as much as iOS developers, a disparity attributable in part to software piracy.

China Seizes 13 Million Illegal Products in Copyright Crackdown (Washington Post)
China says it seized 13 million illegal video, music, and print products over the past year in a campaign against counterfeits and copyright theft.

FBI Plans to Share Copyright Warning Seal (Courthouse News Service)
The FBI will provide a general authorization allowing all copyright holders to use an FBI Anti-Piracy Warning Seal, which had been available by request only to members of five entertainment and software industry associations.

Righthaven Says it Might Have to File for Bankruptcy (Vegas Inc)
Righthaven warned it may have to file for bankruptcy because of a series of setbacks in its litigation campaign.

How Porno Piracy Cases are Breaking Copyright Ground (Thomson Reuters)
Porn movie producers are filing complaints against anonymous defendants and in some cases, reaching settlements with these John Does. The EFF is now getting involved over concerns of due process.

Lawsuit Seeks Removal of a Digital Book Collection (New York Times)
Three major author’s groups and eight individual authors filed suit against a group of research libraries and universities, arguing their initiative to digitize millions of books constituted copyright infringement.

Circuit Shaves $20 Million Off Louis Vuitton Award (Courthouse News Service)
The 9th Circuit Court upheld Louis Vuitton’s victory over a web-hosting firm that provided support to Chinese copyright and trademark pirates, but reduced the jury’s $32.7 million award by about 60 percent.

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