Tips on 4 Key Subjects to Be Covered at BIMS Conference

SIIA’s Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS) takes place Nov. 10-12 at the Fontainebleau in Miami Beach. It will feature 4 tracks—Data Content, Marketing (Tactics and Sales), Media Sales, and Strategy. If you have loved SIPA’s Marketing Conference, you will only have more to love here.

Here are tips on 4 key topics that will be covered:

1. “Recruit, select, train, manage, motivate.” Those are the 5 steps that Bobby Edgil, director of sales for BLR, goes through to add new sales reps. Which of the five is the toughest, he was asked. “Select is the hardest thing,” he said.

“I just want you to be the rep that I interviewed,” Edgil tells them. He doesn’t like candidates just out of college, preferring them 3-4 years out after they’ve “skinned their knees.” He loves school teachers as sales prospects—“they’re always bright, have worked their tails off for not a lot of money and are very process-oriented.” One of his best sales managers was an English educator for 22 years before taking the job.

Edgil spoke of the 3-foot rule for coming into contact with good possible candidates. Who are you coming into close contact with during the course of the day? Your minister, your hairdresser? He also strongly encouraged you to get the best people possible around you. He compared it to the role of a football coach where the best usually have the best assistants.

Edgil will lead the session Hiring the Best Sales People, 4:30 p.m., Monday, Nov. 10.

2. “You may be hindering your message by blasting it across a variety of mediums rather than using particular social media avenues.” That comes from Jason Brueckner’s post on the SiteLogic marketing blog. He wants you to ask 4 questions about your use of social media:

a. Am I looking at the big picture?
b. Am I considering what goal(s) I have? “Remember that social media is not the end in and of itself but is a means to accomplish your goal.”
c. Am I surveying the facts of my traffic?
d. Am I able to say no to social media platforms?

Matt Bailey, founder and president of SiteLogic and a favorite speaker in the past, will present both the Social Media Boot Camp, 10 a.m., Monday, Nov. 10, and a session on Online Testing, 10:30 a.m., Tuesday, Nov. 11.

3. “One of the best rules of thumb for creating an effective landing page is keep it simple.” This comes from the excellent and active blog of Randall-Reilly, a publisher in the construction and trucking business. That recent post gave 3 Laws for Building Effective Landing Pages:

a. Get rid of the clutter. There is such a thing as information overload. The term refers to the difficulty people can have making decisions when there is too much information.
b. Create a clear call-to-action. You need them to take some kind of action (whether that be download, purchase, contact, etc.) and that means you need to tell them to take the action.

c. Think like the customer. People buy from other people; therefore, you should write like a human to humans.

Brent Reilly, president of Randall-Reilly, will present a keynote, Radically Transforming an Organization: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, 8:40 a.m., Tuesday, Nov. 11. A session titled Design and Optimize Your Landing Pages will take place 10 a.m., Wednesday, Nov. 12.

4. “Information companies are extending more deeply into their customer bases, offering solutions rather than standalone products and services,” writes Denzil Rankine, executive chairman of AMR International. In a blog post, he offers 3 components for creating enterprise value:

a. Enterprise value continues to be driven by proprietary data, and embedding within customer workflow; businesses which support high value decision-making are well placed;
b. Information businesses that can provide solutions as opposed to simple products or services will also enhance value;
c. Management should carefully plan technology investments to differentiate their business and drive value.

Rankine will moderate the session, Valuations and Your Company, 2:30 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 11.

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Ronn LevineRonn Levine began his career as a reporter for The Washington Post and has won numerous writing and publications awards since. Most recently, he spent 12 years at the Newspaper Association of America covering diversity, Newspaper in Education, marketing and leadership before joining SIPA in 2009 , and then SIIA in 2013.

What It Takes To Be A CODiE Awards Judge

It’s that time of year again, the CODiE Awards. SIIA’s annual CODiE Awards recognizes excellence in the content, education and software industries. The CODiE Awards remain the only peer-recognized program in the content, education and software industries so each award serves as incredible market validation for a product’s innovation, vision and overall industry impact. This year marks a milestone for the CODiE Awards, celebrating 30 years.

We are officially accepting applications for CODiE Award judges. If you have ever wanted to be a part of the CODiE Awards, this is the year to do it! The CODiE Awards are judged in two phases: a first round review in which each product is assigned to judges for evaluation, and SIIA Member voting on the finalists selected in the first round.

The ranks of first round CODiE Awards judges include industry executives and analysts, representatives of media outlets, bloggers, investors, and, for the education categories, educators and administrators. All it takes is a background that reflects an understanding of the broader market for a specific product type and a willingness to see the latest and greatest the industry has to offer.

Take a look at FreePrint contributor, John DiGilio’s 2014 CODiE Award judging experience.

FreePrint Article

Learn How To Make Data Excellent From Those Who Know Best

The Models of Excellence awards (MOE) are the centerpiece of a strong partnership between the SIIA and InfoCommerce Group with a goal of continuing to promote and elevate the content, data and information services industries. Begun in 2003, the award was created to answer the one question InfoCommerce Group gets asked most often, “Who’s doing it right?”

To exemplify the answer, Infocommerce Group regularly scans the data industry landscape to identify products that are pioneering or perfecting new business models, exhibit best practices or offer technological innovation. Those that are re-setting the standards for data excellence are named each year as Models of Excellence. They span industries, platforms and business models.

And their successful business philosophies will be featured at the November 2014 Business, Information & Media Summit (BIMS), in Miami, where the founders and developers of this year’s most dazzling data products will take the stage to show you what makes data excellent, and answer the one question that motivated them all – What if?   To give you a preview, here are the first two 2014 winners.

“What if there were a substantial platform that bridged the gap between event promoter and event goer? SpinGo’s content reaches over 62M monthly, giving promoters access to local markets on a national scale through a variety of channels.” –Kreg Peeler Founder & CEO SpinGo.

spingo pic
Read what makes SpinGoModel of Excellencespingo logo

“What if…. I could store all of KnowWho’s critical business contact data in the same place that my clients were already using for their critical data… and help them by always keeping it up-to-date. KnowWho data embedded into our client’s daily work-flow would create extraordinary value.

In my clients’ political world those Business Directory contacts are Members of Congress and the 11,000 staffers that get the work of the Congress done — every day.

This was the thought, back in 2001,that lead to KnowWho developing Congress KnowWho for Outlook, which has now morphed into Congress KnowWho for Salesforce and Congress KnowWho for Dynamics CRM.  No one is happier about this turn of events than KnowWho clients.”—Bruce Brownson, Founder, President & CEO, KnowWho

knowwho pic
Read what makes KnowWho a Model of Excellence.

know logo


Meet and mingle with all the Models of Excellence winners who are sure to impress you with their standout savvy and creativity, and who will be impacting the future of the data industry in a big way.  Visit to learn more about BIMS, view the schedule & register now to save! Follow the hashtag #BIMS14.


Top Execs from Google, Penton & Randall-Reilly to Keynote Conference on Integration of Information and Media Industries – November 10-12 in Miami

BIMS BannerSIIA today announced that top digital content and B2B media executives from Google, Penton, Bloomberg and other industry-leading companies will speak at the Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS).  This new conference will focus on the continuing transformation of the information and media industries. BIMS will take place November 10-12 in Miami, Fla., and will address the four markets that are dramatically impacting the B2B media landscape: big data, marketing, digital media and advertising.

As the lines which once separated big data, marketing, digital media and advertising fade away, the Business Information & Media Summit will gather industry leaders to address challenges and opportunities in an increasingly integrated marketplace. Reflecting this, the conference will feature keynotes from:

Arundel_PatriciaUsing her expertise developing strategies that enable Fortune 500 companies to innovate across mobility, productivity and social computing, Arundel will discuss “How to Gain Competitive Advantage in the Digital Age.” As high-tech enterprises max out the value of globalization and low-cost outsourced labor, her presentation will identify new ways to achieve competitive advantage in consumer and business markets.

Kieselstein_DavidKieselstein’s keynote will draw on his experience leading the largest privately held business information services company in North America.  Kieselstein has driven a rapid transformation of Penton and with it a rapid increase in revenues and profitability by executing on a three-pronged strategy driving innovation and growth.

As president of Randall-Reilly, Reilly has made several strategic changes to help the firm complete its transformation into a top marketing services company which provides insights into specific market segments and then engages those audiences through targeted platforms. Reilly’s industry experience reflects the diversity of the Business & Information Media Summit, as he formerly served as vice president of marketing for the company and general manager of operations for Randall-Reilly’s Events.

These keynote speakers will join a roster of other senior executives who will speak at the Business Information & Media Summit:

  • Robert Passarella Business Manager for Event Driven News Feeds, Bloomberg L.P.
  • Keith White Executive Vice President & Managing Director, CQ-Roll Call Group
  • John Nicodemo Global Leader of Worldwide Data & Predictive Insights, Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)
  • Mark Howard Chief Revenue Officer, Forbes
  • Guy Cecala Chief Executive Officer, Inside Mortgage Finance
  • Wilma Jordan Founder & Chief Executive Officer, The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc. (JEGI)
  • Bruce Brownson Founder & Chief Executive Officer, KnowWho
  • Josh Green Chief Executive Officer, Panjiva
  • Richard Belanger Chief Information Officer, ProQuest
  • Jay Hallberg Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Spiceworks
  • Kreg Peeler Founder & Chief Executive Officer, SpinGo
  • Adam Singolda Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Taboola

BIMS combines three former conferences – the Specialized Information Publishers Association’s Marketing Conference, the American Business Media’s Executive Forum, and InfoCommerce Group’s DataContent Conference – into one comprehensive event that examines the trends of the changing B2B media industry.

WHO:           The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA)

WHAT:         SIIA’s Business Information & Media Summit 2014 #BIMS14

WHEN:         November 10-12, 2014

WHERE:       The Fontainebleau, Miami, FL

For a complete schedule of events, visit: Updates in advance of the event are available using the conference’s Twitter hashtag: #BIMS14.

Content Needs a Kingdom, Taboola Founder Says

Adam Singolda started Taboola 7 years ago because there was nothing to watch on TV. “I thought people should not be looking for information; information should be looking for people. Most people don’t wake up in the morning and search for that amazing jazz singer they like. They have to discover that person somehow.”Singolda makes those connections with something he calls the Magic 3. Creating experiences/stories that are engaging, reaching an audience at scale, and understanding the data to measure and analyze your ROI. Or, as he likes to say, “Content is no longer king unless there’s a kingdom—audience.”

The young CEO spoke impressively in May during Internet Week NY at MediaPost’s OMMA Native, and he will deliver a keynote titled The New World of Content Marketing at SIIA’s inaugural Business Information & Media Summit, Nov. 10-12 in Miami Beach. (The early-bird registration for this conference expires July 18.)

Taboola has quickly become one of the world’s leading content discovery platforms, reaching 350 million unique visitors. Their tagline is simply, Content You May Like. I watched Singolda speak for the first time this morning (on a video from that May event), and he makes a strong first impression. His ideas are not rocket science—“You have to allow people to participate in the conversation”—but Taboola’s complicated algorithms do perhaps reflect the background of an officer in an elite mathematical unit of the Israeli National Security Agency. After all, as he says, they’re choosing 4 thumbnails out of 5,000 to show you.

“Every 10 years there’s a dramatic and huge behavioral change that affects all of us, and we’re going through one right now—[we call it] the lack of user attention,” he said. “I think it’s gone to playing Candy Crush to games to video to online video to offline apps to syndicated content to native content to distributive content. It’s becoming super complex, and every person in this room can kill 5 minutes on their iPhone very easily.

“What does that all mean? [Audiences] demand engaging experiences to choose to participate in; it’s become very personal. For marketers to be part of my day, they have to create some of those engaging experiences.” Singolda gave examples of companies that have gotten the message.

- Netflix signed up 2 million subscribers by creating original shows like House of Cards. “They’re creating content instead of creating a bigger banner.”
- American Express decided they wanted to help small businesses grow—so they became a publisher. “All Amex wants to do is provide value so you include them in your experiences.”
- Bank of America started producing Better Money Habits, an online TV show. They are now there to help you save money.

“How do people discover content?” he asked. “You used to go to www, look at a homepage and see what the agenda is. Then came searching, then discovering based on our friends. Now it’s how do we discover the best thing we like and never knew existed. It’s the Magic 3.” Singolda filled in more details of this secret elixir:

1. “We have to be able to create engaging experiences and stories so people will choose to engage with [us].”

2. “We have to completely understand the audience. It used to be just about creating the best piece of content. Now we can’t stop there. We have to create the best piece of content that millions of people have the chance to consume—and you have to make this part of your company, part of your workflow. It has to be a recurrent, measurable, tangible, scalable process. It can’t be a one-off—‘I have a budget, I’m spending it.’ Or ‘I heard that we can do it, I’m trying it.’”

3. “Bring [the loop back to] journalism and the people who create the content. What can you tell people who invest so much in content that they must create it in a better way next time? Better title, better thumbnail, better narrative. [Given] audience fragmentation and data, how can you create the Ninja type of editors so that they create now and get better tomorrow in a competitive environment.”

I have never heard the phrase “Ninja type of editors.” But given the things we writers and editors have been called in the past, I’ll take it. It’s kind of exciting actually, in the same way Singolda’s talk in November should be as well.

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Ronn LevineRonn Levine began his career as a reporter for The Washington Post and has won numerous writing and publications awards since. Most recently, he spent 12 years at the Newspaper Association of America covering diversity, Newspaper in Education, marketing and leadership before joining SIPA in 2009 , and then SIIA in 2013.

SIIA Announces “Lightning Round” Winner at 2014 Strategic & Financial Investment Conference

SIIA announced the winner of its new Lightning Round Competition at its Strategic & Financial Investment Conference, which was held yesterday in New York City.

During this unique one-day event, hand-picked and carefully screened companies with revenues between $5 million and $250 million focused on  the software, digital content, ed tech and information services industries, presented their products and services to an invitation-only audience of investors, venture capitalists, M&A firms, corporate development officers and other investment professionals.

Debuting this year was a new competition called Lightning Round, where investors attending the conference selected three presenting companies to participate in the competition. FirstRain, Mag+ and Extole had the honor of being selected. Each company presented their pitch for 5 minutes and then took questions from a panel of investment experts that included Bill Detwiler, CFO of Risk Assistance Network & Exchange, Mark Holdreith, Partner of Media Advisory Partners, and Joshua Sukenic, Senior Vice President of Sales and Growth Strategy of EBSCO Industries Inc.

FirstRain won the competition and received an opportunity that’s invaluable to any early-stage company – direct access to key players in the investment industry who will spend time with FirstRain executives, and provide input and guidance into their business.

The SIIA Strategic & Financial Investment Conference featured the following companies:

The fifth annual SIIA Strategic & Financial Investment Conference served as an exclusive opportunity for some of the most innovative emerging companies in the media and digital content, information services, education technology, and software services sectors. Over the past four years, the Strategic & Financial Investment conference has continually produced valuable financial partnerships and opportunities for participating companies.

More information on the event is available using the conference’s Twitter hashtag: #SIIAINVEST.

Bill Detwiler, Chief Financial Officer, Risk Assistance Network + Exchange Mark Holdreith, Partner, Media Advisory Partners Penny Herscher, President & CEO, FirstRain Inc. Ken Wasch, President, SIIA Mike Marchesano, Managing Director, ABM Joshua Sukenic, Senior Vice President of Sales and Growth Strategy, EBSCO Industries Inc.

(left to right)
Bill Detwiler, Chief Financial Officer, Risk Assistance Network + Exchange
Mark Holdreith, Partner, Media Advisory Partners
Penny Herscher, President & CEO, FirstRain Inc.
Ken Wasch, President, SIIA
Mike Marchesano, Managing Director, ABM
Joshua Sukenic, Senior Vice President of Sales and Growth Strategy, EBSCO Industries Inc.

DataContent Has Transformed into a Brand New Turbo-Charged Event: #BIMS14

BIMS Banner

Plans are now underway for DataContent 2014, and it will be like no other event you’ve attended previously. That’s because DataContent is now part of a brand new turbo-charged event, the Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS), to be held November 10-12, 2014 in Miami.

The Summit combines DataContent with two other key events: SIPA Marketing Conference and ABM Executive Forum — to expand networking and learning for you — and your team! In total, we will have 5 tracks. Here are the top five things you will learn at the DataContent sessions:

  1. monetizing the Internet-of-Things
  2. rising to the global data challenge
  3. making money, making markets
  4. powering data with analytics
  5. exploiting open data and API’s… and much more!

You’ll also meet and mingle with this year’s Models of Excellence winners. Singled out by InfoCommerce Group for being the best role models in the industry, they’ll provide pre-mainstream insights you can use to keep your content and business model ahead of the curve.

While DataContent will immerse you in all things data, you can also pick and choose sessions from the additional conference tracks with more than 45 additional sessions. But most important of all, you will be amongst the largest annual gathering of business information and media professionals.

Check out our complete schedule of pre-cons, sessions and networking opportunities; and register using code MIAMI to save via our pre-registration / Early Bird discount of $400! Stay up-to-date with the conversation on Twitter by following the event at #BIMS14.

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Heather Cejovic today at 212.784.6363, or via email at

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