What It Takes To Be A CODiE Awards Judge

It’s that time of year again, the CODiE Awards. SIIA’s annual CODiE Awards recognizes excellence in the content, education and software industries. The CODiE Awards remain the only peer-recognized program in the content, education and software industries so each award serves as incredible market validation for a product’s innovation, vision and overall industry impact. This year marks a milestone for the CODiE Awards, celebrating 30 years.

We are officially accepting applications for CODiE Award judges. If you have ever wanted to be a part of the CODiE Awards, this is the year to do it! The CODiE Awards are judged in two phases: a first round review in which each product is assigned to judges for evaluation, and SIIA Member voting on the finalists selected in the first round.

The ranks of first round CODiE Awards judges include industry executives and analysts, representatives of media outlets, bloggers, investors, and, for the education categories, educators and administrators. All it takes is a background that reflects an understanding of the broader market for a specific product type and a willingness to see the latest and greatest the industry has to offer.

Take a look at FreePrint contributor, John DiGilio’s 2014 CODiE Award judging experience.

FreePrint Article

SIIA/OPEXEngine Report on U.S. Software Industry Shows Strong Revenue Growth & Renewed Focus on Investment

The private U.S. software industry is experiencing its biggest revenue gains since the recession, and both private and public companies are renewing their focus on investment in order to gear up for further growth.

The 2014 Software & SaaS Financial Benchmarking Report is produced by SIIA partner OPEXEngine, the leading aggregator of financial and operating benchmarks for small- and mid-sized software companies. To complete this eighth annual report, OPEXEngine surveyed several hundred private and public U.S. firms with revenues between $1 million and $450 million, with a focus on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) metrics.

The report, which benchmarks 2013 financials and operating metrics, finds that median revenue for private software firms rose almost 42 percent year over year – the highest percentage increase since the 2008 recession, and almost 40 percent higher than last year’s revenue growth rate of 30.5 percent. Revenue for all public companies included in the survey rose an average of 18 percent in 2013, while revenue growth for public SaaS companies averaged almost 30 percent.

This year’s study also indicates that private and public firms – encouraged by  revenue growth – felt confident about increasing spending over current revenues, and were investing in operations and hiring to drive further growth.  See table below for more detail.

Private Companies Public Companies
FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY09 FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13
Year-over-Year Revenue Growth 21% 27.8% 37.4% 30.5% 41.7% 12% 22% 37.5% 21.9% 18.3%
Operating Income/Loss -20.4% -13.2% -9.6% -4.1% -13.0% 11.5% 6.1% 6.1% 4.2% -8.2%

Further demonstrating this focus on investment, both private and public companies have budgeted to add jobs this year. Private firms plan to increase employee headcount by 26 percent (a 3.5 percent increase over 2013 plans) by the end of 2014, while public companies project a nearly 27 percent gain in 2014 headcount.

OPEXEngine also compares software firms in different geographic regions and finds that median revenue growth for private East and West Coast firms is twice that of private companies in the Central and Mountain regions. At the same time, average operating income for private firms in the Central and Mountain regions is positive (by nearly 3 percent), whereas  private firms based on the East and West Coast had operating losses of median 34 percent and  27 percent, respectively.

Other key findings from the 2014 Software Benchmarking Industry Report include:

  • Median revenue growth for private East and West Coast firms is 51-53 percent, compared to an average of 25 percent for firms in the Central and Mountain regions.
  • Median sales and marketing spending for West Coast firms is highest among the regions at 65 percent of revenue. Comparatively, East coast firms spent a median of 51 percent on sales and marketing, while Central and Mountain region firms benchmark at a median 33 percent in sales and marketing.
  • West Coast private firms utilize the most venture funding, at a median of $65 million.  East Coast firms follow, accepting a median of $23 million in venture funding, while firms in the Central and Mountain region access a median of $6.8 million in venture funding.

The 2014 Software & SaaS Financial Benchmarking Industry Report provides extensive financial and operating metrics for U.S.-based companies with 2013 revenues of between $1 million and $450 million. Benchmarks cover key financials, including detailed expense ratios, revenue and profit metrics, geographic break-outs, employee statistics, as well as customer and sales model comparisons. The report also looks specifically at Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendors and breaks out all the benchmarks for smaller, private companies as well as for larger, public, companies.

To learn more about this report, join the SIIA and OPEXEngine for a webinar on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 at 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET.  Click here to register today.

Rhianna Collier is VP for the Software Division at SIIA. Follow the Software team on Twitter at @SIIASoftware.

Two Cutting Edge Companies Announced as Winners of the 2014 SIIA NextGen Awards for Big Data

SIIA today announced that two cutting edge companies in the Big Data industries have been recognized with 2014 NextGen Awards. Quarrio and Junyo are recognized for innovation and game-changing big data solutions.

SIIA’s NextGen program provides exposure to early-stage companies delivering game-changing solutions. The program aims to bring awareness to 6 verticals: Mobile, Social, Big Data, Security, Healthcare, and Financial Services. Nominating companies were judged by a group of industry experts who determined the Most Innovative, Most Disruptive and overall NexGen winner of the category.

The 2014 NextGen Award Winners for Big Data are:

  • Overall Winner & Most Disruptive: Quarrio
    Quarrio is a SaaS service, launching initially for Salesforce.com that provides conversational analytics for sales. By developing a natural language analytics platform, Quarrio enables the average business user to do advanced reporting and analytics without learning any new skills.  Just type a question in ordinary English and the system answers in plain English with auto-generating graphs and charts (e.g. “which opportunities have not been called in the past 25 days”).
  • Most Innovative: Junyo
    Junyo is using big data to improve learning in K-12 education. We operate multiple business units, including Junyo Streams, a teacher classroom tool that organizes and curates student educational materials and provides personalized learning insights; EdLights, a market-intelligence platform for K-12 publishers and suppliers; and Junyo Platform, global API services for securely managing and analyzing education data. Our ultimate goal is to improve learning outcomes by fostering an environment where every student has a path to success that is concrete, engaging and attainable.

NextGen winners in mobile and social & collaboration were announced earlier this year. NextGen winners in security, healthcare and financial services will be announced on a progressive basis throughout 2014.


Rhianna Collier is VP for the Software Division at SIIA. Follow the Software team on Twitter at@SIIASoftware.

Webinar: From Transaction to Process

How to Create a Customer-centric Business Model

Since the beginning of CRM, companies have taken a transaction-driven approach to measuring customer success and revenue growth. However, recent research suggests that most customers are more disappointed with process failures than with transactions. By not measuring process, companies are missing out on opportunities to fill gaps in customer needs and to drive cross sells and upsells.

Listen to this pre-recorded webinar to learn:

  • Why and how to implement a process-driven business model to measure customer success and grow recurring revenue
  • Why companies need to integrate their point solution technologies into a more comprehensive, strategic vision
  • How usage data is applied to measure and act on key moments throughout the customer journey


Click here to view Beagle Research’s Presentation

Click here to view Service Source’s Presentation

Matt Shanahan
Vice President, Product Strategy, Scout by ServiceSource

Denis Prombriant
Managing Principal, Beagle Research Group, LLC


First Ever Beyond Cloud Challenge Held at SIIA Maximize

Four of the nation’s most innovative ISVs competed in the Beyond Cloud Challenge during SIIA’s Maximize: Beyond the Cloud – a conference that explores emerging opportunities and innovations for driving revenue generation and rapid growth in the as-a service marketplace. SIIA’s Maximize – the premier ISV conference – was held May 20-22 in San Francisco.

The Beyond Cloud Challenge was held as a competition to find the next innovative technology driving our industry forward. The finalists came together and presented their company highlighting these areas: product innovation, market impact, scalability of the technology, and go-to-market strategy.

Sumo Logic was the judge’s choice and winner of the challenge. Sumo Logic is the next-generation machine data intelligence company that leverages Big Data for real-time IT insights. The company’s cloud-based service provides customers like Netflix, McGraw-Hill, GoGo Inflight and Medallia with real-time interactive analytics at unprecedented petabyte scale. Its solutions are powered by patent-pending Elastic Log Processing™ and LogReduce™ technologies, and transforms machine data into actionable insights for IT operations, application management, and security and compliance teams. Unlike expensive and complex premise-based solutions, the Sumo Logic service has a low TCO, can be deployed instantly, scales elastically and requires zero maintenance.

The following industry leaders judged the Beyond Cloud Challenge:

  • Todd Rahn, Audit Partner, Deloitte
  • Jasmin Young, Director, Strategy, Consulting, PWC
  • Dadong Wan, Senior Research and Innovation Executive , Accenture Technology Labs

Other finalists include:

  • Bitglass brings to market breakthrough technologies delivering security and visibility for corporate IT departments to enable mobile devices and cloud apps in the workplace, while respecting user privacy.
  • GageIn is Google Alerts on steroids. The company is the leader in the application of artificial intelligence to solve the big data challenges facing sales: finding high value prospects amid the Internet clutter and knowing when and why to proactively call on them. Gagein’s proprietary SmartTRACK technology discovers the most timely, relevant and actionable real-time news available on the Internet.
  • Infer delivers data-powered business applications that help companies win more customers. Its cloud-based business solutions leverage proven data science to model untapped data sitting in companies’ sales and marketing automation systems.

beyond cloud

Rhianna Collier is VP for the Software Division at SIIA. Follow the Software team on Twitter at@SIIASoftware.

SIIA Announces CODiE™ Award Winners for Software and Services Industry

SIIA announced the 28 winners of the 2014 CODiE Awards in software and services categories during a special awards presentation, held last evening  at SIIA’s Maximize.

The CODiE Awards, originally called the Excellence in Software Awards, were established in 1986 by the Software Publishers Association (SPA), now SIIA, so pioneers of the then-nascent software industry could evaluate and honor each other’s work. Since being established in 1986, the CODiE Awards program has recognized more than 1,000 companies for achieving greatness in the software and information industries.

All of the software nominated products and services were reviewed by third-party judges, whose evaluations determined 125 finalists. SIIA members then reviewed the finalists and voted to select the 28 CODiE Awards Winners for 2014.

Here are the winners, listed by category, company, and product/service:

Best Asset Management Solution
Flexera Software, FlexNet Manager Suite for Enterprises

Best Big Data Solution
Sonian, Sonian Email Archive

Best Business Intelligence/Analytics Solution
Terapeak, Terapeak

Best Cloud Application Service
Adaptive Insights, Adaptive Suite

Best Cloud Infrastructure
ProfitBricks, Inc., ProfitBricks Cloud Computing – IaaS

Best Cloud Management Solution
ProfitBricks, Inc., ProfitBricks Cloud Computing – IaaS

Best Cloud Platform as a Service
Red Hat, Inc., OpenShift by Red Hat

Best Cloud Storage & Back Up Solution
Druva, inSync

Best Collaboration Solution
Gust, Gust

Best Commerce Solution
NetSuite, Inc., NetSuite SuiteCommerce

Best Consumer Mobile Application
Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting , Checkpoint Pocket Assistant

Best Customer Relationship Management Solution
GageIn, GageIn For Salesforce

Best Enterprise Mobile Application
Wolters Kluwer, CCH,  CCH Mobile

Best Financial Management Solution
 NetSuite, Inc., NetSuite OneWorld

Best Healthcare IT Solution
 Infor, Infor Cloverleaf

Best Human Capital/Talent Management Solution
Resound Marketing,  TalentBin

Best Integration Solution
MuleSoft,  MuleSoft Anypoint Platform

Best IT Support/ Support Services Solution
Promisec , Promisec Endpoint Manager

Best Marketing Automation Solution
Bizo, Inc.,  Bizo Multi-Channel Nurturing

Best Mobile Development Solution
Red Hat, Inc.,  Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio 7

Best Open Source Innovation
Metamarkets,  Druid

Best Project Management Solution
NetSuite, Inc. , NetSuite PSA

Best Security Solution
CloudPassage,  Halo Enterprise

Best Social Business Solution
Infor,  Infor Ming.le

Best Subscription Management Solution
Zuora, Inc., Z-Business

Best Supply Chain Management Solution
Acumatica, Acumatica

Best Systems Management Solution
Puppet Labs, Puppet Enterprise

Best Video Solution
Adobe Systems, Inc., Adobe Presenter 9

For more information about the CODiE Awards, visit http://www.siia.net/codies/2014/ .

Rhianna Collier is VP for the Software Division at SIIA. Follow the Software team on Twitter at @SIIASoftware

SIIA’s 4th Annual CEO Report Shows Intensive Focus on the Customer and Big Data

SIIA released “Vision from the Top” – its fourth annual executive report on the future of the software and services industry.  The publication, unveiled today at the SIIA Maximize conference in San Francisco, features insights from 25 CEOs and top technology executives, who discuss challenges and opportunities facing the industry, as well as how they are leveraging these developments to build successful businesses.

The contributors to this year’s report provide expert insight, give practical guidance, tell instructive stories from their personal experience, and provide high level industry analysis.  Contributing executives include: Dave Hansen, president and CEO of SafeNet; Chris McNabb, general manager of Dell Boomi; Guy Nirpaz, CEO and founder of Totango; and Eileen Boerger, CEO, CorSource Technology Group, Inc..  Each executive answered questions related to emerging business opportunities and technologies, public policy, customer engagement, the evolution of business models, and more.

From the insights contained in the report’s 25 entries, three key takeaways:

  • Customers are the most important people in any company. More and more CEOs today are interacting directly with their customers on a regular basis, becoming a valuable part of nurturing customer relationships.
  • Data is everything. Running a successful business means accessing and analyzing the data and metrics that drive healthy business decisions. CEOs continue to look at historical numbers like sales and revenue. Now they are also using forward-looking metrics like pipeline and user satisfaction to measure growth.
  • Build a winning team and culture. Simply recruiting is not enough. It is important to build an executive team that understands and believes in the company’s vision. And never underestimate the importance of creating an environment of trust. Trust can directly affect speed and cost and therefore bottom line profitability.

The following quotes provide a sense of the range of ideas and topics addressed in Vision from the Top:

Bill McNee, founder & CEO, Saugatuck Technology: “The continuous deployment to the Cloud of innovative, high quality, and responsive software is at the heart of the customer relationship. In fact, customers expect it. In today’s market, the consumer experience has thoroughly permeated the customer’s expectations for digital business offerings.”

Kurt Michel, president & CEO, Content Analyst Company: “…while traditional business intelligence vendors have been focusing on the structured side of Big Data, the unstructured side is likely to be the next frontier in information management. Unstructured Big Content is growing far faster than structured data, driving the need for increased manageability, reduced risk, and improved ability to gain rapid insights from unstructured Big Content.”

Liz Pearce, CEO, LiquidPlanner: “When I tell other executives that anyone on my staff can see what’s on my to-do list, they often react with a blank stare of incredulity…and they go on to list any number of concerns, from keeping sensitive information under wraps to the discomfort of having your daily agenda public for anyone to see. This notion of ‘Radical Transparency’ places a premium on openness over opaqueness, with the goal of inspiring a culture of trust and confidence.”

Dave Duggal, managing director, EnterpriseWeb, “After all, for all the buzz about the Internet of Things, we don’t really care about the things themselves. The Internet of Things — as well as the entire Internet of which it is part — is really an Internet of People. Any effort to remove human beings from the IoT discussion takes us in the wrong direction.”

Rhianna Collier is VP for the Software Division at SIIA. Follow the Software team on Twitter at @SIIASoftware.

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