DreamSimplicity Prepares for SIIA All About Mobile, Nov 16-17, San Jose

Special thanks to the DreamSimplicity team for pulling this video together and continuing our fantastic partnership at SIIA conferences! Truly an amazing group to work with… see you in San Jose!

A look into the daily life of DreamSimplicity as we catch up with CEO Matt Childs as he tells us about SIIA’s upcoming All About Mobile conference!

174 Million Reasons to Get Involved in SIIA Mobile Software Committee

Written by Jim Szafranski, Fiberlink

You probably can guess what that large number refers to? It’s smartphone shipments in 2009. In a way, it’s hard to get one’s mind around this and how to tap that market. Personally, I find it easier to think about the growth of this market, which was 40% quarter-over-quarter in the fourth quarter of 2009. That’s a lot of new devices getting into users and businesses hands. It’s nearly impossible to find a market that is this large and growing at such fast rate.

So, that’s why the SIIA is launching a Mobile Software Committee with the initial mission statement of:

The SIIA Mobile Software Committee was formed to address the business issues of software companies entering and growing in the mobile marketplace. The explosion in mobile platforms has profound implications on how software and services should be delivered. The committee’s mission is to guide businesses in building & delivering apps, managing & measuring their infrastructure, and demystifying the process of selling through carriers & app stores.

The cloud has been driving a lot of innovation and growth in the software business. I think it’s safe to say that mobile will be on par or bigger in both driving innovation and growth throughout the software industry.

Some of the ideas behind this SIIA initiative include:

  • Helping each other navigate the myriad of mobile device platforms
  • Sharing best practices of selling into the mobile space
  • Discussing how “consumerization” impacts technology and business
  • Creating a strong network of members interested in and committed to mobile
  • And, this group can evolve the SIIA platform into other ideas such as enterprise issues of mobile, consumer markets, app store developers, and more.

So, help shape this market and grow with it by getting involved here early at the SIIA. There will be a town hall breakfast meeting at All About the Cloud on Wednesday, May 12 to discuss the Future of Mobile. Please join us.

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