SIIA Urges Support for Legislation to Reform ECPA as House Subcommittee Examines Cloud Privacy

SIIA called for a level playing field for cloud computing as the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Investigations prepares for a hearing tomorrow regarding reform of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA).

We have seen tremendous technological advances in communications and computing technology since 1986, when ECPA was enacted. The legal framework provided by this outdated statue leaves both providers and users of remote computing with a complex and baffling set of rules. These rules are both difficult to explain and to apply in this age of networked and cloud computing.

SIIA urges members of the Judiciary Committee to work with all deliberate speed to enact legislation creating a warrant requirement for law enforcement access to remotely stored electronic content.  It is critical to level the playing field for information Americans store in the cloud, ensuring that it receives the same protection as the information they store in their homes.

Ken WaschKen Wasch is President of SIIA. Follow the SIIA Software team on twitter at @SIIASoftware.

All About the Cloud Program Committee: Eileen Boerger, CorSource Technology

I sat down with AATC Program Committee sponsor, Eileen Boerger, President of CorSource Technology to discuss AATC, her goals for the conference and why this event is so important for ISVs.

Rhianna: Why was it important to you to sponsor AATC and be a part of the Program Committee?

Eileen: Sponsoring All About the Cloud is important because the audience at AATC is our target market, ISVs, and one of our key consulting areas is consulting and cloud developing for ISVs. AATC allows us to network with our target audience and potential partners. We’ve seen success in the past and we look forward to continued participation.

Being part of the program committee is important because we have a much stronger network ourselves in terms of the types of topics people want to see and we know a number of people that are excellent speakers. We want to contribute to making this as strong a conference as possible by helping leverage our resources.

Rhianna: What are your goals for the conference this year?

Eileen: We’d like to hear about some of the new trends from other leading vendors and hear about the current key issues that ISV’s are discussing. We’re looking to establish some new partnerships as well as generate new business.

Rhianna: What is unique about AATC that makes it so valuable to ISVs?

Eileen: It’s one of the only forums where ISVs can come together and share what works, what doesn’t work and what is still needed to be successful in developing and delivering SaaS products. It’s also the one place they can go to talk to the vendors in the space and get a much better idea of what is possible for them.

Rhianna: What are your industry predictions for what’s in store for 2013-2014?

Eileen: ISV’s have been developing SaaS products and almost all new products are SaaS…the acceptance is ok, but Enterprises are still worried about cloud. We need to prove the environment is secureand make integrations easy between products to establish confidence with the larger Enterprises.

Announcing All About the Cloud 2013’s Program Committee

The Software & Information Association (SIIA) is excited to announce All About the Cloud’s (AATC 2013) Program Committee. Being represented by executives of SIIA’s Software Division members, the advisory group will provide strategic advice to shape the conference theme, networking events, workshops, and content.  You can view a complete list of the executives representing the Program Committee on the AATC 2013 website.  The event takes place from May 7-9 in the Palace Hotel, San Francisco, California.

The Program Committee for the industry’s most comprehensive ISV conference, AATC 2013 includes executives from:

CorSource Technology – the leading provider of strategic consulting, development services and technical staffing that businesses need to succeed in the fast-moving, highly competitive world of software development and IT.

FPX - the pioneering innovator of cloud-based Configure-Price-Quote® solutions that improve sales efficiency and effectiveness.  We enable salespeople to respond to customers faster by aligning sales processes with customers’ decision-making behavior.

LogiXML – offers the fastest way to create BI applications, deploy scalable dashboards and reports, and embedded analytics into existing applications – all for a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Unlike traditional Business Intelligence platforms that are complex and costly, LogiXML’s agile technology allows organizations to rapidly develop, refine, and adapt BI applications that serve any number of users on any platform, all without extensive development or professional services.

SoftServe – the global provider of proven high quality software development, testing and consulting services. SoftServe is committed to bringing the best commercial software to independent software vendors and enterprises. We combine our unmatched experience with best practices delivering SaaS/Cloud, Mobility and SDLC innovative solutions.

Corporations or individuals interested in registering, sponsoring, speaking opportunities at AATC 2013, please contact: Rhianna Collier, VP, Software Division, +1.408.884.3834, or visit:

SIIA Welcomes State Department’s Interventions on Cloud Computing and Privacy

Last week U.S. Ambassador to the European Union, William Kennard, addressed Forum Europe’s 3rd Annual European Data Protection and Privacy Conference, and responded to the myth that the U. S. system of government access to information is a threat to the privacy rights of citizens of the other countries. He was especially effective in rebutting concerns directed at cloud computing, where the misconception has developed that information stored in cloud computing servers can be accessed by the U.S. government without any effective privacy controls.

His intervention is a welcome attempt to set the record straight before these erroneous beliefs become widespread and entrenched.  It was accompanied the release of State Department white paper that dispels the misconceptions about the U.S. legal system and government access to information.

The fact is that the U.S. has a well-developed and established system to protect individual liberties from government intrusion.  We have a general distrust of a powerful government and are suspicious of anything that advances the growth of government power.  Our bias is in favor of a limited government that lets people chose their own good in their own way.  As a result we are far less tolerant of government intrusion into our private lives than other countries, and have set up a system whereby the U.S. extends privacy protections to non-U.S. citizens as well.

At the same time, the U.S. is more tolerant of the use of information for innovative and productive use by businesses than other countries, to our great advantage in the race for economic growth, business development and job creation.  Our system of protecting the individual privacy in the business context shows that this can be done while maintaining strong and effective protections for consumer privacy. This system also respects the rights of non-U.S. consumers established in other privacy regimes.

None of this means that the U.S. system is perfect.  We think that steps can be taken to improve the consumer privacy system for mobile app notifications and are actively working with the U.S. Commerce Department and other stakeholders on a voluntary code of conduct and an effective system of screen notices.  We have joined with others in the Digital Due Process Coalition to modernize the 1986 U.S. Electronic Communications Privacy Act, which needs updating to fit the realities of email and document storage in the cloud.

But the need for these reforms does not suggest that the current U.S. system is a threat to privacy or justifies a move away from cloud computing as a way to avoid government scrutiny.  Ambassador Kennard is to be commended for his strong defense of the U.S. approach to privacy in the cloud.

Mark MacCarthy, Vice President, Public Policy at SIIA, directs SIIA’s public policy initiatives in the areas of intellectual property enforcement, information privacy, cybersecurity, cloud computing and the promotion of educational technology. Follow the SIIA Public Policy team on Twitter at @SIIAPolicy

Calling all Young and Innovative Tech Companies

Entrepreneur, Technology, and Innovation – is this the trifecta of what it takes to make it in today’s economy and ever changing landscape of the as-a-service space?

The SIIA is excited to launch our NextGen program for its 8th year. This program showcases the competitive nature of what truly makes a company the next generation of young companies to watch. We are calling all companies that are transforming the software and services industry. By being selected as one of the NextGen companies, you will receive:

  • SIIA issued press release announcing the 2013 NextGen Companies distributed and supported by the SIIA public relations firm.
  • NextGen Companies will have the opportunity to be coached on their product pitch by our NextGen Selection Committee.
  • Full conference registration to AATC 2013.
  • CEO is invited to participate on the NextGen panel at AATC 2013, May 7-9, in San Francisco. Panel will be moderated by a partner at a leading advisory firm.
  • CEO is invited to the VIP dinner at AATC 2013.
  • Company will be featured in the NextGen Pavilion at AATC 2013.
  • Company and contact information will be featured on the SIIA and AATC 2013 websites.
  • Company and contact information will be distributed to all AATC attendees in the attendee bags.
  • SIIA 2013 NextGen Companies will be recognized in front of your peers at the 2013 CODiE Awards Luncheon on May 9, 2013 in San Francisco.
  • Each company will be featured separately in a SIIA blog post in 2013

Apply today to gain industry exposure, secure funding, form strategic partnerships, gain new customers, or form your exit strategy.

Webinar – Shaping A New Era of Computing and Business Innovation

CloudNOWIn partnership with CloudNOW, the SIIA and CloudNOW webinar series features thought leadership and best practices from some of the greatest minds in the industry.




Companies are looking for ways to drive lasting marketplace advantage, with innovation becoming the key driver of business success. In this pre-recorded webcast, Vanessa Alvarez, Cloud Thought Leader & Director of Product Marketing at Gridstore talks with Lauren States, Vice President, CTO, IBM Corporate Strategy in an interview format.  They explore how cloud and this new era of computing is fostering innovation and changing the structure of businesses and markets, and how the use of cloud technologies can enable IT to move out of the data center and into the fabric of the business.


About the Presenters:

Lauren States
As Vice President, Technology Strategy, Growth Initiatives and CTO for Cloud Computing on the IBM Corporate Strategy team, Lauren is responsible for the technology strategy for IBM’s growth initiatives, including cloud computing, Smarter Planet, business analytics and emerging markets. In her previous role in the IBM Software Group, Lauren engaged directly with clients to deliver leading edge cloud solutions globally. She joined IBM as a systems engineer after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School.

Vanessa Alvarez
Vanessa Alvarez is the director of product marketing and an accomplished technology professional. Alvarez focuses on the go to market strategy for Gridstore’s award winning solution, the Grid. Previously, Alvarez was an analyst with Forrester Research, focused on next generation enterprise infrastructure and emerging technologies. She advised Fortune 500 enterprises on how to best leverage their IT environment to enable their competitive advantage, through the deployment of emerging technologies and operational models.

Interview with New Member, Transverse

SIIA recently welcomed Transverse, a SaaS billing platform provider. I had a chance to speak with their Co-Founder, President, & CEO, James Messer. James is an 18 year veteran of the telecommunications and IT industries and I asked him about Transverse’s position in the marketplace.

Rhianna: Welcome to SIIA! Tell me a little about Transverse and what makes your billing platform unique.

James: For businesses looking to increase revenue or roll-out new business models, TRACT billing from Transverse is the only all-in-one activity-based billing platform that can meter/rate and bill based on customer behavior. Unlike basic subscription or expensive legacy billing systems, TRACT provides a simple solution to complex billing challenges and enables companies to engage with customers.

Rhianna: Tell me more about activity-based billing, what are the advantages?

James: Consumers are using monthly services to download songs, stream movies or view a digital news article, but most would prefer to only pay for what they use and that’s where subscriptions are limiting. Businesses can provide a more personalized experience for consumers while creating new revenue streams by charging on an activity basis instead.

Rhianna: You talk about this evolution of billing, how it has gone from Billing 1.0 to Billing 3.0. What do you mean when you refer to Billing 3.0?

James: Billing 3.0 means billing is a valuable tool that extends beyond finance department. By capturing revenue in an accurate, timely fashion using activity-based billing, other groups (such as the marketing department), can use the resulting analytics to identify and respond to emerging customer trends faster than competitors. With Billing 3.0, billing becomes a powerful enabler of product innovation and rapid introduction.

Rhianna: I noticed you have a number of partners, payment and technology partners. How important are these partners to the Transverse go-to-market strategy?

James: Partners are a key ingredient to helping our customers succeed. These include active payment partners, such as PayPal, Chase Paymentech, CyberSource,, and First Data. Additionally, we partner closely with technology companies like SugarCRM, Pervasive, OpSource, Rackspace Hosting, and OneLogin to enable seamless integration and ease of use.


Rhianna Collier is VP for the Software Division at SIIA.