Content VIA Platforms Conference to Feature Execs from Altimeter Group & Storify, All Things D’s Kara Swisher

SIIA today announced keynote speakers for Content VIA Platforms-an all-new event that will address the multiplatform publishing challenges and opportunities facing publishing, media and information companies. Content VIA Platforms will be held May 9-10 at San Francisco’s Palace Hotel.

Publishing content across multiple emerging platforms is one of the biggest challenges facing information and news providers this year. At Content VIA Platforms, industry leaders will provide strategies for companies to maximize their audiences and revenues by utilizing a variety of different platforms, monetization strategies, devices and app distribution models, and more.

Content VIA Platforms will feature a number of mobile, publishing and technology thought leaders and key executives from the information industry. Keynote speakers include:

• Burt Herman, Co-founder, Storify
• Charlene Li, Founder, Altimeter Group
• Chris Silva, Mobile Industry Analyst, Altimeter Group
• Kara Swisher, Co-Producer & Co-Executive Editor, All Things Digital, The Wall Street Journal

Kathy Greenler Sexton is Vice President and General Manager for the SIIA Content Division.

Going Native: Deciding between HTML5 and Native Apps (Contributed by Content Matters)

Author: Barry Graubart – VP of Customer Development at CrowdFusion

Almost every publisher I speak with these days is in the midst of developing, implementing or revising their mobile and tablet strategy. With technology changes coming faster than most can keep up, the mobile strategy you developed six months ago (post iPad 2 but pre-Kindle Fire) is most likely out of date.

And with the news that there were more iPads than desktop computers sold in the fourth quarter of 2011, it’s no surprise that mobile strategy is on the top of everyone’s mind…

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Announcing New Video Series: SIIA Members Rally at DreamForce 2010!

SIIA is delighted to announce a new video series, filmed at DreamForce 2010! With about 30,000 attendees, DreamForce has seen spectacular growth. This was SIIA’s first time exhibiting at DreamForce and we look forward to seeing everyone next year and in May at SIIA’s own executive cloud computing conference, All About the Cloud.

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Panel discussion with application vendors at SIIA All About Mobile conference

By Ryan Nichols, VP Product Management, Appirio

I had the privilege of being asked to join a fantastic panel at SIIA’s “All About Mobile” conference yesterday with some leading application developers making the switch to mobile. I was joined by David Fulton of Right Now, Jason Prater of Plex Systems, and Dan Miller of INgage Networks to discuss “Transitioning Existing Solutions to Mobile Devices.”

We were moderated by Anshu Agrawal, VP Marketing at Keynote Systems, who asked us a set of questions that are top of mind for any application developer thinking about mobile apps:

  • Why mobile is important to your business?
  • What is the cornerstone of your mobile strategy?
  • What do you feel were the pain points in implementing your strategy?
  • What were the biggest surprises for you in moving your customers to mobile?
  • What would you recommend to SIIA members looking to transition to mobile?

Here’s a summary of our conversation:

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DreamSimplicity Prepares for SIIA All About Mobile, Nov 16-17, San Jose

Special thanks to the DreamSimplicity team for pulling this video together and continuing our fantastic partnership at SIIA conferences! Truly an amazing group to work with… see you in San Jose!

A look into the daily life of DreamSimplicity as we catch up with CEO Matt Childs as he tells us about SIIA’s upcoming All About Mobile conference!

SIIA OnDemand Europe: Monday Morning Update

Join the conversation at SIIA OnDemand Europe!

SIIA OnDemand Europe gets underway today! Start your networking early by joining the conference LinkedIn Group. It’s a great tool to facilitate your networking now and post-conference.

Next, be sure to join the conversation on Twitter with our hashtag #ode10.


Pre-Conference Event: Cool Cloud Cash, hosted by IBM
(14:00 – 17:00 – Westminster & Chelsea Suite)
Attend these pre-conference event designed to provide ISVs an understanding on how to build your business with Cloud Computing.

Speed Networking
(17:00 – 18:00 – Westminster 7 Chelsea Suite)
Take advantage of this session designed to introduce you to a large number of fellow attendees in an efficient and relaxed way. These 3-minute meetings are the starting point for conversation and networking throughout the conference.

Welcome Reception, sponsored SAP and SuccessFactors
(18:00 – 19:30 – Palace Suite Foyer)
We look forward to seeing you at our Official Welcome Reception! Be sure to visit each of our sponsors to learn how you can benefit from their valuable products/services.


Enjoy yourself! And plan to meet as many people as possible because your next partner, investor and/or customer is also here!

Beyond the Platform: Choosing the Right SaaS Delivery Partner

For most Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), discussion on the Cloud has moved from “whether” to “when and how.” On paper, at least, there’s little question of the value of the Cloud, which promises to facilitate the development process, streamline delivery, and closely align investment with revenue. The allure is also felt by enterprise customers, who are attracted to the cloud as a flexible, low-maintenance delivery model.

But as is usually the case, there’s a large gulf between concept and implementation. For start- ups and companies looking to add software to their product portfolios, launching a successful cloud delivery model requires a solid business plan that includes development, production, and go-to-market approaches. For well-established ISVs, the challenge is no less daunting. They may find that adopting the new delivery model requires far more time, money, and research than anticipated – and that it can disrupt business processes far beyond the development. Yet, the risk of taking no action is as great as the risk of taking the wrong action. How, then, can ISVs successfully integrate the Cloud into their businesses?

In this paper, Stratecast examines the fragmented and still evolving cloud-based Software as a Service market. We look at the pitfalls and benefits to ISVs, along with considerations to guide the decision to enter the cloud. Finally, we look at the IBM SaaS Specialty Program as a high-value option for helping ISVs build and execute a SaaS strategy.

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