The Real Jobs Machine by Robert Samuelson

WASHINGTON — If you’re interested in job creation — and who isn’t these days? — you should talk to someone like Morris Panner. In 1999, Panner and a few others started a small Boston software company called OpenAir. By 2008, they sold it for $31 million. The firm had then grown to about 50 workers. It turns out that entrepreneurship (essentially: the founding of new companies) is crucial to job creation. But as Panner’s experience suggests, success is often a slog.

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GSA Presentation on the Federal Cloud Computing Initiative

United States Government is the world’s largest consumer of information technology, spending over $76 billion annually on more than 10,000 different systems. In September 2009, the Federal Government launched the Cloud Computing Initiative and to streamline application adoption of cloud computing at Federal agencies. Since that time, has served as the Federal agency storefront for approved cloud computing applications, including business applications, cloud services, productivity apps and social media software.

While these steps have helped to speed-up Federal deployment of cloud computing, many small and medium-sized companies are still struggling to understand and capitalize on the opportunities presented by the Government’s embrace of cloud computing. In this webinar Matthew Goodrich, Project Manager for FedRAMP and, will outline the Cloud Computing strategy, how companies can get on the GSA schedule and participate via, as well as additional initiatives underway to further streamline the difficult procurement process that should make it easier for small and medium-sized companies to participate.

In this webinar you will hear from the GSA as they outline their Cloud Computing strategy, including, getting on the GSA schedule and more.

Matthew Goodrich
Project Manager, FedRAMP and
General Services Administration

Morris Panner
Chief Executive Officer
TownFlier, Inc.

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