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Procurement: The Changing EdTech Landscape

How has procurement changed so dramatically and quickly? This question kicked off an engaging hour of conversation with six district CTOs during the SIIA and CoSN Feedback Forum in Philadelphia, PA. The answers to this question can be encapsulated in one word – change! Changes include institutional expectations, institutional knowledge, accountability to the CFO, lawyer, the board of education, and the state department of education. It used to be that a district would contact 2-3 vendors. Now the school district looks at a myriad of factors: •    What’s the value •    Privacy •    Cost •    Security Several other dynamics are at play in regards to procurement, including: •    The grant process has been more difficult than it has ever been. •    The amount of information needed to put together an RFP has increased – many people are involved ...


Welcome to the LunchByte

The LunchByte is the podcast for the Education Division, ETIN, of SIIA This series provides you with access to leaders in the education industry and private enterprise.


FY20 Budget Proposal Zeros Out Critical Programs for Education Technology

The proposed FY20 budget slashes funding for critical education technology programs at the U.S. Department of Education (ED). The proposal outlines a number of priorities and makes a number of cuts to other programs reflecting the Administration’s desire to cut federal spending at ED. While it is unlikely that Congress will pass a budget that looks similar to this proposal, the FY20 budget cycle may be more contentious than previous years with the White House promising to follow the deal that was negotiated in the Budget Control Act of 2011. The passage of the Budget Control Act of 2011 enacted a series of complex mechanisms that has an impact on the federal budget. Government wide cuts, applicable to both mandatory and discretionary spending, were triggered after a failure to make a deal on deficit reduction in 2013. These cuts have been delayed a number of times but it seems the White House may push to keep the sequestration cuts intact this budget cycle as described in this ...