Turning Sessions Into Workshops May Provide Even Better Experiences

At our Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS) in Hollywood, Fla., in November—or as some now refer to it, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood— Amanda Yarnell and Jessica Morrison from American Chemical Society's Chemical & Engineering News, told their story and then had attendees collaborating and thinking.


A Daily Publishing Dos and Don'ts Guide

It's Wednesday, and between the meetings I've had already and the ones that have been scheduled, it's hard to get a work flow going. Not at Asana. A few years ago, CEO Dustin Moskovitz implemented a company-wide No Meeting Wednesdays rule. "The high-level goal of NMW is to ensure that everyone gets a large block of time each week to do focused, heads-down work," he wrote on the company blog.


New York Approves Regulations for Education Law ยง2-d

The New York Board of Regents approved regulations for Education Law §2-d. The law was passed in March 2014 introducing contract requirements between schools and vendors, security standards when handling student data, and financial penalties for vendors if found out of compliance. The regulations go into effect on January 29, 2020.