Nomination Tips and Tricks Webcast Q&A

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In case you missed the How to Nominate, Win and Maximize your CODiE Award Nomination webcast, the presentation is now available on demand. You will have to watch to see all of the ways to prepare for a great demo and promote your participation in the awards.

Watch the Video Now

We also had a very robust Q&A. Below you will find answers to the questions asked. Remember - you must nominate to participate, so nominate today.


Can I nominate in the same category as I did last year - even if I won?

All nominees are welcome to nominate in the same categories, or different categories, than they did in previous years. The categories are always evolving so be sure to review the current descriptions and judging criteria to ensure it is a great fit.

How many judges are assigned to each product?

Each product is reviewed by two judges. Individual judges are assigned to evaluate a maximum of five products in the categories they apply for.

It is each nominee’s responsibility to reach out to their assigned judges to coordinate access and delivery of product demos.

We encourage nominees to use Doodle to schedule meeting with judges.

How much time in average do judges spend with an each application and product?

Judges typically spend 1 hour for the demo and another hour for reviewing additional materials and voting but this varies on the judge and the product.

Can more than 1 person give the demo?

Yes, though we recommend keeping the number of presenters limited to one or two. We recommend you utilize  your top presenters and experts on your product. You want to put your best foot forward. Too many voices on the call can be confusing to participants.

Is the demo for just a single judge, or a group?

Demos are typically conducted individually, but if your judges agree to attend one demo together instead of separately that is the decision of the nominee and judge(s).

Can you clarify the Peer Review Judging round?

Once finalists are announced, we move into peer review judging,or second round of judging. During this round SIIA members are tasked with reviewing the products and voting on what they believe is the best product in each category. Member voting counts for 20 percent of a nominated product’s overall score in the selection of winners; scores carried over from the first round review process accounts for the remaining 80 percent.

Only active SIIA Members may vote in the second round. Member companies are provided one vote per company in each category which is designated to our primary contact within the member company.

Unlike the first round, the second round of the CODiE Awards is not an intensive product review, because SIIA Members are invited to vote in multiple categories over a shorter timeframe. SIIA members use the profile information, videos and supplemental links provided by finalists to become familiar with the products.

Finalists are strictly prohibited from campaigning for votes during the second round of judging. Violations (direct outreach to SIIA members) will result in nominee disqualification from the competition.

This round of the competition is a great way for additional people to see, and learn more about your product.

Can SIIA members vote for their own product?

Yes, SIIA members can vote in any and as many product categories as they choose..

How many Finalists are selected per product?

Finalists are selected based on the scores from the demo phase. The number of finalists selected is dependent upon the total number of nominees within a category. The selection is based on the following scale:

  • 5 total nominations in a category = 3 finalists
  • 6-10 total nominations in a category = 4 finalists
  • 11-15 total nominations in a category = 5 finalists
  • 16-20 total nominations in a category = 6 finalists
  • 21-25 total nominations in a category = 7 finalists
  • 26-30 total nominations in a category = 8 finalists
  • 31-35 total nominations in a category = 9 finalists
  • 36-40 total nominations in a category = 10 finalists

Thank you again for participating and we look forward to working with you on the 2016 CODiE Awards.


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