SIIA’s TechChats: Aaron Harris | Senior Vice President, Head of Engineering and Technology, sage Intacct

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SIIA’s TechChats provides a look into some of the most successful executives in our industry. Hear how many of them got to where they are today, what is shaping their businesses and the industry today, and special advice they would give to others trying to grow a successful company.


I recently sat down with Aaron Harris Senior Vice President, Head of Engineering and Technology of sage Intacct. Aaron Harris has more than 20 years of high-tech engineering experience in business applications and software development strategies. From Intacct's earliest days, Aaron has led the company's product vision and technology direction. A pioneer in cloud computing, Aaron helped Intacct build the world's first cloud architecture delivering on-demand financial applications. He regularly contributes to the development of best practices for cloud computing, service oriented architecture, platform as a service, and accounting and finance technology standards.

Prior to launching Intacct, Aaron was a member of Arthur Andersen's Developers' Coordination Council, where he evangelized emerging development technologies, established best practices, and built infrastructure software development tools, focusing on remote data access and web services technologies.

Aaron holds a Master's degree in information systems and a Bachelor of Science in accounting from Brigham Young University.

View the full interview in its entirety below.

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