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How to Find the Best Marketing and Sales Talent

"The top skill is curiosity. You want people who are not just going to stay in one place and [want to] adapt. So people need to be curious about new things, excited about innovation, and ultimately they really need to be open to shifts in the future, and be ready to work together to make a company that can adapt to those shifts."


Encourage Your Introverts and Survey Your Field, Speakers Urge

It has been close to a month, but ideas from the SIPA Annual 2017 Conference still ring in my mind (save the date for SIPA Annual 2018 - June 5-7 in Washington, DC). One concept that particularly resonated was when Brian Cuthbert, group vice president for Diversified Communications, said that he insists his editors speak at industry events.


Experts Offer Winning Strategies for Selling High-Priced Solutions

"We went to a client recently and found out their marketing budget was completely tapped," recalled Krystle Kopacz, CEO, Rev, on a SIPA webinar earlier this month titled Lead Generation Strategies for High-Priced Products and Services: A Holistic Approach. "It dissuaded us that we were late—we were pitching a solution for account based marketing, a new product we were offering.