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Choosing Your Event Venues May Take More Planning and Creativity

A recent study titled The Decision to Attend for Conventions & Exhibitions said that we should entice people with ways to extend their stay. It's time for new thinking, the report says. "For decades, our industry has viewed attendees as people who 'come in and out' of the destination for meetings, conventions or exhibitions with success measured by final attendance, filling the block, and overall economic impact. But today, over 50% of attendees are likely to extend their stay."


Event Planning Should Go Beyond Just Time and Place, Study Urges

Walking into the theater the other night for the play Translations by the great Irish playwright Brian Friel, we were greeted by the liveliest of Irish music. It transported me back to County Clare or Galway where I've been fortunate enough to visit. Another woman started step dancing in tune. In fact, everyone seemed to enter the theater with an extra lilt in their gait.