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A New Report Tells What Makes People Subscribe

What makes people subscribe? Apparently, a good visual rather than your logo, and speaking positively about the benefits you can offer vs. what people would miss by not subscribing. A new report simply titled Subscription Messages from the Center for Media Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin studied different ways news organizations proffer themselves to potential subscribers.


Driving Technology Subscription Adoption: Four Key Lessons from the Healthcare Industry

For technology companies that employ a subscription-based business model, sustained product adoption by customers is vital to long-term success. While many new operational capabilities have been developed to drive consumption, including the rapidly growing Customer Success discipline, many firms struggle to achieve desired adoption and retention levels in a sustained, profitable way. As companies look for methods and strategies to address this challenge, there are four practices from the healthcare industry’s approach to treating chronic illness that have applicability to tech adoption:


Member Profile: Why Greentech Sees Paid Research—Supported By Media, Events—As the Winning B2B Formula

As its name suggests, Boston-based Greentech Media serves the green energy space. What may not be as readily apparent is that paid research and subscription services—not media—are its primary drivers, accounting for almost two-thirds of Greentech’s overall revenue and its fastest growing revenue stream. Here, Greentech CEO Scott Clavenna explains how prioritizing research—complemented by digital media and events—gives Greentech a recurring revenue stream that shields it from some of the fickleness of an advertising-only model and allows for major upsell opportunities with clients.