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New Subject Line Study Reveals 4 Ways to Increase Open Rates

It was encouraging to see in the new Member Engagement Study that I wrote about last week that email popularity defies generational preferences. Around 60% of every age group rated email as their preferred method of delivery. And because of that continued reliance on email, subject lines truly matter. The email platform provider Yesware analyzed 115 million emails over a year to identify successful email subject-line strategies. "We looked specifically at most and least used words and formats in comparison to most and least effective," says Yesware data engineer Anna Holschuh. "[Readers] often make split-second decisions about dealing with email, and it’s easy to disregard a message based on a subject line," says Holschuh, in an article on the Fast Company site. Here are four of their findings: 1. Don’t use a question. "Questions put people on the spot, and you’re asking a lot of an already busy, stressed-out professional," says Holschuh. "Yo ...


Being Solutions Oriented and a Bit Mysterious Can Increase Open Rate

“On balance, solutions headlines yield more clicks than non-solutions headlines—but the difference is modest and many other factors also affect the number of clicks received by each headline. [In our tests…] the solutions headline garnered more page views 56% of the time, the non-solutions headline attracted more clicks 40% of the time, and the two tied 4% of the time.” That quote comes from researchers Natalie Jomini Stroud, Ph.D., and Alex Curry in a new report from the Solutions Journalism Network and The Huffington Post. The goal was to test what kind of headlines gain more traction: those with, or without, a solution tease. Here are other conclusions from the 50 Huffington Post tests: 1. Including a “mysterious” unnamed location or group in a headline can increase the clickthrough rate (e.g. “This City Has a Solution to Poverty”). Ambiguity can tempt a reader to click on a headline to discover an identity—of a ...


10 Subject Line Tips from 2 Places That See It Every Day

At the end of a good post on subject lines, Real Magnet writes that, “What all of these tactics have in common is that they do not rely on tricks or gimmicks to compel an open.” They advise that you respect your subscribers’ time, show some empathy and communicate candidly and clearly.