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Social, Video Drive Publishing Revenue as Popularity Soars

"The digital business that we run today requires that we have a direct relationship with our users," said Meredith Kopit Levien, chief revenue officer of The New York Times. While The Times' proprietary app lives on millions of mobile screens, she explains that social is invaluable for driving sales. "We are most focused on that: building subscriptions and also selling advertising."


In Videos, Publishers Talk About What Drives Them

What's the greatest opportunity for your business today? For Angela Kornegor, SVP of publishing and education for SIPA member Panacea Healthcare Solutions, and a speaker at next week's Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS) in Fort Lauderdale, the answer is to be creative.


In Video Q&A, Bailey Offers Blueprint for Selling

"We have to get better at selling, not just relying on Google and Facebook and flowing with their tide," said Matt Bailey, founder of SiteLogic and a best-selling author. "We need to be much more aggressive about creating new channels. And getting better at selling when we're in those channels, or even taking what Google and Facebook give us but do better in presenting the value, developing leads, [providing] better communications—all the activities we used to do before relying on Google and Facebook."