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Gamification Engages Audiences, Builds Social and Improves Lead Gen

Gamification continues to soar in publishing, and for good reason. It's engaging, can convey important information, bring in new email addresses and unleash some fun. Here are some recent uses that I’ve come across: Convey important information. Education Week has a weekly sponsored quiz. The one I just took is sponsored by Discovery Education. They also post the following: “Education Week has full editorial control of content.” 75099 Once you finish, you can see how your score compares to your peers, get the correct answers with detailed explanations, and be provided with additional readings and resources on the topic. Have some fun with the publisher. The Atlantic Life Timeline, sponsored by National Geographic, invites readers to "explore your life in history. Tell us your birthday, and we'll show you how the world has changed during your lifetime." I entered my birthdate and found out that I'm "one of the fi ...


Podcasts and Contests Give SIPA Members an Engagement Lift

If done well, podcasts, quizzes, contests and live seminars can add levels of engagement to a website. To get a flavor for what SIPA members are doing, I visited some of their websites and took a quiz on Literacy Instruction—don't ask my score—listened to advice on painting indoors this winter—that could come in handy!—and entered a contest for Creative Kids—my friend sent me a video of his daughter painting a superhero mask.