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Niche Publishers Responding to the New Needs of Their Audience

Send a survey. The editorial team at Access Intelligence's PRNEWS is requesting feedback about the type of content most desired by communications professionals. "In order to better understand what you need to perform your job well, we rely on your feedback, which in turn helps us develop our platform to meet your needs. So, let us know what type of content you look for on a daily basis...we're listening


For Starters, Address the Prospect, Not the Product

In a recent production of Hamlet here in Washington, D.C., esteemed director Michael Kahn chose a new opening scene. “Now, the furious outpouring of Hamlet’s heart in the ‘O that this too solid flesh would melt’ speech opens the play,” wrote The Washington Post’s Peter Marks. In today's 6-second video, 2-seconds-to-engage, attention-jumping landscape, beginnings are crucial, so much so that a famous director didn’t quite trust even Shakespeare—Shakespeare!—to engage us quickly enough. That could be overthinking things, but it also shows our awareness of today's audiences. "Unless you gain the prospect's attention, he or she won't read any of your copy," writes Bob Bly, a leading copywriter and frequent SIPA speaker. (Rising Star Kristy Keller of Access Intelligence just recommended his book, The Copywriter's Handbook, to all new marketers. Here are eight ways to grab audien ...